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Military Exercise Mont-de-Marsan Air Base Drone VS Golden Eagle

Federation meets with tehdidi light battle airplane attacks back Cold War shadow boxing faces, and as the country’s security is increased, the French Air Force is in alarm mode on two fronts.

In the final warning European air force, the French Air Force announced Thursday that two Mirage and Rafale fighters were escorted along the French coast before the release of the Spanish military aircraft.

Britain said that British Typhoon jet bombers near the airfield destroyed Russian Black Jack flying guard.

While the daily operations of the cat-and-mouse game between the periodical efforts of the Federation reaction times jet aircraft to test British defense mechanisms such as Russian planes and guides to the West and Baltic Sea remain less of the French airspace.

French officials said the incident was the fourth time that the tension between Russia and Western Europe had stopped for a while in the last two years, in connection with the clash in the Russian military plane Syria and Ukraine.

Mount Verdun remote control center in southeastern France, French Air Force officers are going to the north and are ready to meet what to watch.

Russian aircraft

“We are searching for a little earlier Russian aircraft because we are integrating NATO’s military structure,” Brigadier General Pascal DELERCE told in the control room, there is a labyrinth of tunnel guarded by a door.

“We know at least five or six hours before we reach the French coast to allow us to use our resources accordingly,” he said.

Sometimes, Gibraltar flies south to Gibraltar before returning to West Ireland, Gibraltar, Syria, or drawing a large circle with Scandinavia Peter: According to French authorities, the bomber Federation always takes a different route to the Caspian Sea Russia.

France has eight Rafale and Mirage warriors and five helicopters available 24 hours Reaction Warning.

At the same time, the French Air Force is making regular simulations and monitoring potential threats to private aircraft and planes in the national airspace under increasing security measures in this country since the 2015 attacks in Paris.

“The airplane is approaching without being detected on the French airborne scene, and when its attitudes are examined, the target is to do web tracking,” said Yannick, a captain who can be identified with his first name.

Recent reports that the Islamic Republic interprets the planet or uses airplanes to launch attacks against its targets in Iraq and Syria have lifted the awareness of unmanned vehicles.

“Even if it is small, threatening to be able to take the actual aim, which can be handled by giving short answers,” said Philippe Adam.

Gold eagle cadets

France said it was ready to use four specially trained gold eagle cadets to block jams or GPS devices and at the same time neutralize the air.

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