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Mikel Izal, charged with sexual harassment on Twitter

The sexual scandal that shakes Hollywood jumped into the pond. This Wednesday, Twitter awoke with another name written on the black list of actors, directors and other celebrities in the field of black harassment, Spanish Mikel Izal known for songs such as Qué bien, El baile, Tremor or Little big revolution “.

black list of actors Mikel Izal

The singer, born in Pamplona and his success in the Spanish music scene, where his lyrics captured millions of people, was accused of a network of “microblogging” of sexual harassment.

Surprising news has transformed Izal into a national trending topic, and although there was no complaint about women, many of them have added screenshots of conversations exchanged with Izal on Twitter, claiming they are “horny” or asking them to “touch” them.

Along with testimonies and messages that point to Izal as someone with a shameful behavior, there are signs of support for an artist who refuses to believe in sudden accusations against him.

At present, the singer has not made any public statements about it, he has been immersed in the promotion of his latest musical project “Autotherapy.

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