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Matt Lauer, rejecting the anchor “Today” accused of sexual abuse, said: “I’m sorry”

Matt Lauer’s long-running “Today” – Michael finally speaks in a statement that reads the exhibit and says he is “very upset” after a sexual claim led to his resignation.

Lauer’s statement is a partial denial, but he acknowledges that “there is enough truth in these stories to be ashamed and ashamed.” “Today,” Savannah Guthrie’s main anchor shared her comment.

“There are no words that express the sorrow and repentance of pain that I have kept away from words and deeds.” For my wounded, I’m sorry. “When I wrote this, I understood the harm and frustration I had left home and office,” Lauer said.

Some things they say about me are not true, or worse, but these stories are enough for the truth, so I can embarrass and hurt myself. I apologize because people now share my shame, which I am illuminating

I corrected the damage that took a lot of time and soul, and decided to start this problem. now it’s a full-time job, “he said. Two days ago, he forced me to show me a harder virheihini, it was insulting and I was grateful to be surrounded by the people I liked, thank them for their patience and their grace “.

Lauer’s transition, which ended two decades of news across the country, came after a friend on Monday filed a detailed complaint about NBC, where she accused the sexually explicit conduct of the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi.

Matt Lauer was confirmed sexual harassment in 2001

In addition, the New York Times reported that two other women had reported after being fired in Lauer, 59. An unknown official of The Times that Lauer was confirmed sexual harassment in 2001 on NBC on Wednesday, officials there still Two prosecutors were presented.

Several published a more detailed report on Lauer’s sexual assault, which claimed to be at least three women for several years.

NBC News President Andrew Lack said on Wednesday the memo that the complainant’s first wife gave a serious assessment and “clearly violated our standards” was represented.

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