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Mark Wahlberg to signal Justin Bieber dating his daughter

Mark Wahlberg is clearly very protective of her daughter and did it when it comes to dating, especially if Justin Bieber was involved …

In a recent interview to Ellen DeGeneres Show, the actor sheepishly revealed that it will be strange Beebs invited to dinner.

Then he dashed out of the daughter of 13-year-old was “obsessed” with the young singer, according to the Daily Elite.


He said:

She liked him a lot when I was younger … In it completely. Many people do.

Perhaps it is time that Bieber was hit harder than the title and the lyrics can not stay out of trouble with the law.

He said:

And then [he] returned with a vengeance. That’s when Wahlberg said his daughter was in love with Justin Bieber again.

The 45-year-old actress fun to mock his own work in prison when he sets the law for his daughter Elle, when it comes to dating popstar controversy.

Imitating his daughter, He said:

Father, this will be my husband.

I said, “Over my dead body. In fact, the two bodies, I will go back to prison. ‘

Ted star also said that he would work with the singer to make beautiful walk to embarrass her daughter more.

He said:

I threatened my daughter, who would like to join him in his music to shame. And she was really surprised.

Mark Wahlberg is the ultimate violent father.

Justin Bieber had better pay attention.

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