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Malaysia Mahathir leads opposition to election victory

KOALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – The opposition led by former leader Mahathir Mohammed gained most of the parliamentary elections, the official election commission said, and killed a big blow to a political machine that ruled politics since independence in 1957.

Dr. Mahathir, at the age of 92, promised to reopen an investigation into Prime Minister Najib Razak at the age of 64, stating that Mr. J. Najib is the theft of hundreds of millions of dollars from the state investment fund 1MDB. Mr Najib and 1MDB deny any misconduct and Mr Najib was resolved by a previous investigation in Malaysia.

Almost 10 hours after the closure of the electoral districts, the Commission said that the alliance led by Dr. Mahathire captured 112 seats, while Coalition of the National Front of Mr. Najibe made 75. In the parliament with 222 members, the smaller parties had 19 seats.

The result was a dramatic statement on the democratic changes in Southeast Asia, which are increasingly dominated by authoritarian regimes in the context of increasing trade and security tensions with the US and China.

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The jarring press conference said it was “the new oath premiere on Thursday” and that it appointed Wan Azizah deputy prime minister Wan Ismail, wife of opposition veteran Anwar Ibrahim. Dr. Mahathir agreed to take over Prime Minister Anwar after he was released in jail in June, where he earned a condemnation of sodomy, which he says is politically motivated.

The transfer of power when it comes will be very symbolic. Mr. Anwar was the likely successor of Dr. Mahathira and the ruling machines in the 1990s, but men have fallen to cope with the Asian financial crisis. Mr Anwara’s promising political career was derailed by a condemnation of sodomy, for which he spent six years in prison before being abolished. After his release, he worked to re-emerge as leader of the opposition, but it was his nemesis, who finally brought a long fragmentation of his rivals to the United Malaysian national organizations, the central party in the ruling coalition, to victory.

Dr. Mahathir said she had lost power for the first time in history from Mrs Najia, the son of a former prime minister under his supervision, a once-monolithic UMNO, over the rage of rising cost of living, but also under a massive international scandal that has become a 1MDB affair.

“We are not looking for revenge,” said Dr. Mahathir. “We want to restore the rule of law.”

Mr. Najib, prime minister since 2009, was at his home in Kuala Lumpur and had a press conference Thursday at 11 am local time. The result was a massive rejection despite the steps he had taken to win another victory.

In preparation for the dissolution of the parliament and the call for elections in April, there were dozens of redistribution jobs in what was considered a favorable demographic situation for the government and promised that millions of Malaysians would provide cash borrowing. The government has made an unusual step in planning the elections for Wednesday’s week, in what the opposition said it was trying to keep low-level participation.

Dr. Mahathir, the overwhelming village doctor who led the country 22 years before retiring in 2003, left UMNO and reported the alleged theft of Mr. Fundan from the fund, allegedly among the billions drawn from 1 Malaysia Development Bhd.

Several international investigations are under way, including one in the US. In civil proceedings, the Justice Department’s investigators claim that at least $ 4.5 billion have been taken from 1 MBD, including the money allegedly received by Mr Najib, whose lawsuits are referred to as “Malayan Clerk 1,” people who have become familiar with it.

Dr. Mahathir created a new political party and was formally announced this year as the leader of the multiracial opposition, which consisted of his most cruel enemies during the first term of the prime minister’s term.

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