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Magnitude 6.2 Quake hits Kerman region in northeastern Iran

The 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck the Kerman region in southeastern Iran on Tuesday, injuring 18 people and injuring about 20 homes, state media reports.

The earthquake hit state television in the town of Hojdaki. Measures from the US Geological Survey saved him for magnitude 6.1 and said he was hit 57 km (35 miles) deep.

There are about 30 states, state media reported.

The dead were not reported, but 18 were injured, state media reported.

State media portrays a group of people who are on the streets in an earthquake zone that fears the collapse of the building. According to state media, 20 damaged buildings are mostly old buildings. The images show that the brick walls crumble.

The second death, reported by Iran’s state-run media 6.0 and USGS reported 5.4, arrived in western Iran in the same area where 7.3 earthquakes killed at least 530 people last month. No death or injury due to an earthquake has been reported since the earthquake.

Contender rivals Hassan Rouhan criticized the government’s response to the last month’s blast was very slow and inadequate.

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