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Magnitude 4.4 Earthquake in Tennessee Felt in Atlanta

The morning earthquake in eastern Tennessee Wednesday was widely felt across the southeastern US

The 4.4 magnitude earthquake hit 4:14 EST, which was about 7 miles northeast of Decatur, Tennessee, Meigs County, about 55 miles west-southwest of Knoxville.

Twenty-four minutes follow the subsequent 3.3-degree staining.

According to the United States geological survey, light was shaken in most metropolitan areas of Atlanta and in a number of states from South Alabama to South Carolina, North Carolina and Kentucky.

There were no instant messages about damage or injuries.

Earthquake in tennessee today

This earthquake was one of the strongest records in East Tennessee, only crossed on November 30, 1973 near Maryville, south of Knoxville, which led to minor damage near the epicenter.

The earthquake occurred along the East Tennessee seismic zone, the southwest to northeastern belt stretching from Alabama to far southwest Virginia, the second most active earthquake in the central and eastern part of the US to the famous area of ​​New Madrid.

The USGS study of 2014 has disrupted part of the ETSZ to a higher risk of earthquakes, though not as high as the new Madrid zone in the western part of Tennessee and other neighboring states.

Although there have been no earthquakes more recent than M4.7, a 2017 study in the American Seismological Society Bulletin has found evidence of M6 or stronger temblor along ETSZ over the past 25,000 years.

Earthquakes in the Central and Eastern parts of the US may feel in an area that is more than ten times larger than the similar earthquake in the West, according to the USGS.

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