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Los Angeles office managers focused on business ideas to solve the new Kushner gov’t bureaucracy

Jared Kushner, Trump son-in-law and senior officials will take advantage of the White House’s new office, which will be used for straightforward business solutions to fix the “state recession”, a senior White House official told Fox News Sunday.

“We can confirm why the announcement is tomorrow and why we can make the US see a tight White House office to take advantage of the innovations,” he said.

Authorities are carrying out full-fledged containers and exploring new ways of thinking in Washington, Washington Post. The message first reported that Kushner will take his new office.

“We need government excellence,” Kushner said. “The government should identify a major American company, and we hope to achieve success and efficiency for our citizens, our citizens.”

The Trump agency told reporters that the Federal bureaucracy would focus on the need to scrutinize and meet the need for a campaign, “the stagnation state.” – The health system has increased as the reform and opioid mastery struggle. Kushner Trump was directly informed.

Company is focused on technology

I hope Kushner is not aggressive ideological to bring the views of his team and he’s looking in and out of Washington talent. The message states that the company is focused on technology and knowledge and works with Apple CEO Tim Cook, Microsoft Bill Gates founder, CEO Marc Benioff in Salesforce and Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Many technology giants have criticized Trump base clearly, but have insisted the government willing to help the government in the matter.

“I share this with the industry I talked to him.” I want to move forward to Jared, reminding me that a lot of young companies have been torn apart, invested in the 30s. ” Benioff Post said.

This work has developed rapidly since its opening, he said.

Trump, who married her daughter Ivanka Kushner and the West Wing office, but no official job interested in those focused issues like getting a job in such a workforce

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