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Lope de Vega, 455 years thrilled with his verses and dramas

Few forget the recurring dialogue of Fuenteovejuna, the dramatic work of Felix Lope de Vega Carpio:

“Who killed the Commander?

-Source spain, Lord.

-Who is Fuenteovejuna?

-All the people, one. ”

A work, of common reading in the baccalaureate, tells a story in which a town is the protagonist.

This writer, one of the greatest of the Spanish Golden Age and the universal literature of all time, was born in Madrid, today 450 years ago. This poet and playwright wrote numerous works, apart from the one mentioned. One of them is La Dorotea, a drama in which she recalls her loves with Elena Osorio, her first romance from a rather extensive list. She was a married woman and he “paid” her affection with dramas and comedies for the company of his father, a theater director.

He led an intense life, in which his enmity with Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, who called him Fénix de los Ingenios and Monster of Nature, is famous. He was banished and was also a priest from 43 years. But since he was in love with no remedy, being a priest, already old, he had romance with Marta de Nevares, a woman with green eyes, as he mentions in his poem Amarilis or Marcia Leonarda, and in Novelas, which he dedicated to her.

In his poetic work stand out: General ballads, Rhymes, spiritual Romancero, La Circe with other rhymes and prose, Laurel of Apollo. In its epic lyrics we remember: La Gatomaquia, La dragontea and La conquered Jerusalem. In a novel, La Dorotea. In theater: The lady boba, The girl of the pitcher, The night of San Juan, The dog of the gardener and The beautiful ugly. Among his tragedies we mention The best mayor, the king; Fuenteovejuna, and El caballero de Olmedo.

Lope de Vega died in Madrid, on August 27, 1635.

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