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Lion mother leopard original children in Tanzania

Baby tiger can not change the place, but the lioness do not seem to forget.

The pictures are beautiful is the first to have a wild lioness cub of another species provides – an event that is extremely rare.

A couple of visits to Joop Van Der Linden, guests Ndutu Safari Lodge is Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania.

The scene is the Serengeti; Worried mother, five years Nosikitok.

A female lion is equipped with a Kope Lion GPS collar, a preservative, an NGO, and three children – born about June 27 to 28

Dr. Luke Hunter, president and CEO of the Panthera Conservation Officer Wildcat Conservation Organization in the world that supports Kope Lion, told the linkhats that the case was “really unique.”

“It’s not something I already knew, which has already happened to the big cats,” he said.

“We know there are cases where pups of other lion lions take … But that has never happened before.

“I do not know anything else – the big cats, since: – the type approved or damaging the chick is different.”

Most lionesses typically kill baby tigers as if they were one and only view of competitive predators in the food chain.

Dr. Hunter said Nosikitok puppy is the same age as the young tigers – two to three weeks.


He went about a mile from his hideout, where the puppies are hidden, when he met with deputies.

“He found a boy, and he has his own care, he was flooded with hormones in the mother, and drove the fire guard is all the lionesses – they are great moms,” says the lion specialist

It is still unclear where the lioness mother puppies or supplements.

Local Safari Lodge told the woman who lives Leopard, who almost certainly pups. Nosikitok pride and because it is impossible to prove that he was so happy, is the best return safe panther capital result.

Dr. Hunter said the team needs to see what is coming next sheik.

“It’s a unique thing, fassinerend to see how it progresses nature is unpredictable until a week ago, we’d say, ‘No, this never happened – and it happened now ..!

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