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Let’s Summarize Sunday March Madness: Duke is a good fit for a game during the loss season

On Sunday, VB sold the Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville – North and South – Duke, wide fan and hated, hit Carolina. N.C.A.A., spreads in the Blue Devils as they fell to the South Carolina, 88-81 Cheers and Boos disappointing rare tournament.

The Blue Devils are the second in the Eastern Conference, rupture 30-23, after the seventh-seeded Gamecocks lost their last attempt 22 goals before the break 22. But as cold as it is in the first half, South Carolina is a hot second.

Gamecocks shot 70 percent better than the field in the second half, while only 20 percent in the first half.

Duke 10 can be used more, less than four minutes. Jayson Tatum 3-pointer is reduced to seven, but for South Carolina fast cruising, the attacker will continue to end up providing stronger and more hungrier than the Blue Devils, tournament champion Atlantic Coast Conference.
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Most Duke fighter, Luke Kennard, with his worst problems in the second half, and his friend Grayson Allen (18 points) struggled with the ball.

Thorn Sindarius Eh, who again scored 29 points to win Gamecocks’ on Marquette on Friday, finished a big game-high 24 points again.

“If you are taking July 35 in the first half and you are only 7 points down, I will just give you confidence,” said Good Thorn. “This is our defense.He made us.We think we won because of the game came in the second half, a bad shot in the first half.”

Duke is a set of tournaments from A.C.C. The only remaining there, lost North Carolina.

Tar Heels fans who saw the previous game theme Arkansas Greenville team, quickly made their way through South Carolina and cast the enemy Blue Devils, a rival North Carolina. Gamecocks campus “Bon Secours Wellness Arena is only 104 km.

“We can see that we are consuming the public,” said Matt Duke Jones. “It’s not a luxury.”

Gamecocks, N.C.A.A never won this year earlier. The 44-game championship now has won two over and over 16 rounds of Madison Square Garden.

The ringing toys hiding in the Kentucky market can be justified in March, but the feeling of a rookie shot is blocked by Edrice Adebayo – and the ability to use them – nearly three days and half a bag of possible interest termination interest basketball.

Thanks to Adebayo 7 foot 1 inch on one side, Bam is another seeded Kentucky Wichita State protection block on Landry Shamet’s recent 3-point attempt to save money. A rematch with the Wildcats Shockers also escaped 65-62 in Indianapolis, in 10 seeds, made in Kentucky to fight so much to win 32 rounds in 2014.

Both No. 1 seeds are a tight game on Sunday when North Carolina, South, nearly 10 of Arkansas fell a lost team.

Though the game is not marked with a ringing beater or the end of the shot that won the game, there are at least nail biters. During the first 42 tournament games, only six matches have been identified with a difference of 10 points or more, or three points or less compared to 23 points.

Tar Heels 72-65, Greenville, VB, Arkansas, 65-60, No. 8, took less than three minutes remaining, but struggled with Budweiser to win

North Carolina had to motivate the last two Villanova loss in the 2016 BC game of rage so early in the tournament, but Arkansas is more than a serious underdog. Razorbacks kept the devil and held Carolina to shoot 38.1 percent.

Arkansas by 65-62 with 15 seconds to play, freshman Anton Beard hosts 3-point attempts trying to get the correct score. He hit the back of the rim.

North Carolina led by 17 in the first half before Arkansas rally behind the defense.

Joel Berry II second-scorer Carolina, did not practice on Saturday and continued to show the effects of an ankle injury. He made just 2 of 13 attempts on the field.

A.C.C. Has one more team in the tournament each conference, nine, but eight have already been lost.

Sacramento fans can see Oregon, No. 3 seeds in the Midwest strict, and 11 are located in Rhode Island. The game came at the last minute but two large 3-point Oregon student Tyler Dorsey balls like ducks outdoors in front to win 75-72. Rhode Island E. C. Matthews had the chance to tie the game in the final seconds and 3, but he also defended by Jordan Bell, and sailed a long time.

The second No. 11 head, Southern California, went to No. 3 Baylor wire. But the Trojans back to the double-digit deficit to win the first two, not pull the turn, falling 82-78.

On Sunday Shockers provided in the range and faced a deficit of five points to two and a half minutes. But the young Kentucky line cracks.

“We thought to go back and win the game,” coach Gregg Marshall Wichita said. “We thought we were the best team.”

Fierce defense clash, not one, but two stumps to put Kentucky on top. Another wildcats freshman, Malik Monk, hit a 3-pointer attempts Markis McDuffie to leave about 10 seconds.

“He pumped fake, and I knew I had to shoot,” said Adebayo. “So, I just went and tried to stop.”

Wildcats, South region, option number 2 both had to go the round of 16, along with Arizona, which is to win a Saint Mary Sunday.

Third, Louisville, it does not count.

When coach Louisville’s Rick Pitino pitted against seventh seeded Michigan Wolverines as the Golden State Warriors, Michigan coach John Beilein Pitino does not know what he was doing.

“This is the part that, before kicking your butt,” said Beilein. “They’re trying to win a little.”

Psychological game is part of a plan to win the Pitino Wolverines, one of the hottest teams in the country with six consecutive wins. The second heat was sweltering Michigan perimeter shooter.

Wolverines do not panic

8-0 Run Louisville to break the tie for calm in Indianapolis, but the Wolverines do not panic.

“The team is inexperienced, it’s not the attitude that we can go back and try to win all the time,” said Beilein. “We win every four minutes so we can come.”

Finally, when Louisville continued to charge back, Wolverines quietly engaged in a full court press and relied on their veteran, young D. J. Wilson, a high free-throw line. Wilson, 6-10 forward is to win April 4 on the line to secure the Michigan closing 73-69 seconds. Midwest this game from other games before this, including any buzzer-beater.

Tulsa, Okla., Ninth in Michigan State Kansas cut the lead to 54-53 let rest for about 12 minutes, the public committed to finish interesting. It never materialized.

Jayhawks, No. 1 pick in the Midwest, the Spartans overcame 36-17 the rest of the way to easily win, 90-70. Nothing can prevent Kansas is an open ground. This game is a featured buried Roller and alley-oops.

Nick Ward’s failure problems, Michigan State, and scholarships on the bridges, implied that the Spartans are not the same as they were on Friday, beating at the University of Miami, a seed is larger.

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