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Latest: Protests are running on the Champs-Elysees

The government of the “yellow vest” demonstrators is marching along the Champs-Elysées Boulevard in central Paris, surrounded by extraordinary police protection amid fear of new violence.

Hundreds of people gathered early Saturday night around the Arc of Arc, which was damaged in a riot a week ago. Then they started peacefully down the street, lined by top shops that normally fed up before Christmas, but had been on Saturday this week amid worries about further looting or other damage.

A spokesman for the Paris police said more than 170 people were detained on Saturday because of suspicion of planning violence even though most of them were later released.

The government of President Emmanuel Macron deploys 89,000 security forces across the country for Saturday protests against his reforms.

The French protest movements of the yellow vision go beyond demonstrations planned in neighboring Belgium and the Netherlands.

France protests

No country has proposed an increase in the tax on fuel – a catalyst for massive and destructive demonstrations in France in recent weeks.

Hundreds of police officers are mobilizing on Saturday in Brussels, where protesters from yellow vests clashed with the police last week and lit two police vehicles. More than 70 people were detained.

Some of the meetings are held outside the main institutions of the European Union, which are closed on Saturday. Some could take place in the city center on what is the main Christmas shopping weekend.

Jan Dijkgraaf, editor of the Dutch “diary of resistance”, calls for peaceful protests in the Dutch cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Parisian monuments and shopping malls are closed and tens of thousands of police officers take up positions across the country, worried about worsening violence in a new round of anti-political protests.

President Emmanuel Macron’s government warned that Saturday’s protests of “yellow vest” in Paris would be hijacked by “radicalized and rebellious” mobs and become the most dangerous after three weeks of demonstrations.

The authorities deploy a barricade armored vehicle and 8,000 police officers in the capital itself, which is part of 89,000 security forces deployed across France.

The Eiffel Tower and the Louvre are closed along with hundreds of businesses and businesses that fear damage after the uprisings last Saturday when 130 people were injured and the worst urban unrest in Paris for decades.

Demonstrators are angry at Macron and high taxes, among other problems

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