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Lafire disconnected Bel-Air as an incandescent light in Southern California

Goldfish burst into Los Angeles’ exclusive Bel-Air division on Wednesday when another side of southern California hit a Lafire that broke the house that has spent millions of dollars and tractors.

LAFires Hundreds of homes scattered in the metropolitan area and elsewhere are afraid of being destroyed since Monday, but firefighters are slowly searching for some serious areas.

Five closed highways, schools and museums have run TV shows and dumping dangerous hazards around the area. Approximately 200,000 people are on the transfer order because of LAFires. There were no deaths and only a few wounds were reported.

The coastal town of Ventura, where a row of homes was played in northeastern Los Angeles, where more than two dozen horses died at a boarding school in Bel-Air, where the rich and the masters have spectacular spectacular views in Los Angeles. The windy wind of Santa Ana comes from the desert to catch fire and anxiety.

God forbid that firefighters can do their job, “said Mauri Kaboud, who ignores the rules of transfer and is ready with water hoses in the yard.

Air tanks last Tuesday were burned when strong winds flew on Wednesday and were extinguished. Firefighters rush to shoot the wind one more time.

They are expected to strike until Thursday morning at 80 mph, potentially giving an unprecedented fire. The California Department of Forestry and Firefighters, using color-coded indices, giving purple for the first time, is more serious, Ken Pimlott said.

They are extreme tomorrow, “said Pimlott. We need all the heads – Pivot points of the head – and be careful”

Before the start of the day exploded in a fire on the steep slopes of Sepulveda Pass, which closed off part of Interstate 405 interstate and destroyed four homes in Bel-Air, where houses were $ 2 million to tens of millions of dollars.

Firefighters fired the Tudor style burned by the house as the helicopter crashed into the hillside to protect 150 acres of afternoon light.

The spring rescued from the fire is in the garden front garden fire and large frames are propped against the Range Rover.

In LAFires

The fire burns in the 16 winery holding Moraga, the vineyard master media Rupert Murdoch and about 7 acres damaged by vineyards, according to a spokeswoman.

Bel-Air was the site of a devastating fire in 1961, which burned nearly 500 homes. Burt Lancaster and Zsa Zsa Gabor are celebrities who have lost their homes.

A vast area of ​​the I-405 freeway since the Art Complex Complex was shut down to protect the collection of smoke damage. Many schools in Los Angeles are closed due to poor air quality and canceled classes on Thursday at school.

UCLA, Bel-Water transfer area, cancellation of night classes and night games. Campus students wear masks and surgical masks.

Late in the afternoon, firefighters said they saw the progress of the fire.

The production of “Westworld” HBO and CBS shows “S.W.A.T.” was suspended by the launch of two nearby forest fires and the crew is in danger.

Ventura county fire

Ventura County, northwest of L.A., the largest and most devastating fires grew over 100 square miles and reached nearly the Pacific Ocean on Tuesday, 30 miles deep the day before.

The fire destroyed at least 150 buildings, but Todd’s commander said Derum doubted hundreds of homes had disappeared.

With magnificent views of the sea and the mountains above Ventura, about 65 houses fell to the ground. Less than 30 houses are still in the same area, where beards and trees are light. Houses on the road improved, only two burnings and 42 untouched.

While the wind is safer on Wednesday, the fire is active around Ventura, scattered along the west coast and the mountains surrounding the Ojai community and the farm town of Santa Paula.

Ventura fire

“We really are in the fire area of ​​the city of Ventura, where if you can save a house on fire, it can slow the fire,” Tim Chavez said of a special fire during the fire. “But that’s all.”

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