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Kim Jong Un landed in Singapore before g7 summit

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un recently landed in Singapore before a summit with US President Donald Trumpe, which could put an end to the nuclear situation among the old enemies and transform the secret and poor Asian country.

When Trump and Kim meet at Sentosa Island on Tuesday, they do history before they begin.

Enemies from the Korean War of 1950-53 have never been to the leaders of North Korea and the United States – or even have spoken by phone.

Meeting with DPRK Leader Kim Jong Un

#FBLIVE: PM Lee met North Korean leader Kim Jong Un today. Mr Kim is in Singapore for the DPRK-US Singapore Summit due to take place on Tuesday. (PMO Video)

Posted by Lee Hsien Loong on Sunday, 10 June 2018

Kim arrived at Singapore’s Changi Airport for the longest trip abroad as a head of state wearing a dark dark “Mao suit” and a distinctly high hairstyle.

He was greeted by Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan, who photographed on Twitter that he had shaken his hands and the message: “I welcomed President Kim Jong Un, who just arrived in Singapore.”

He stepped out of the Air China Aircraft, followed by the top officials, including Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho and Kim Yong Chol, Kim’s Close Advisor, who was the instrument of diplomacy culminating in Tuesday’s summit.

Later on Sunday, Kim left Hotel St. Regis in the heart of Singapore at a crossroads that included its stretched Mercedes Benz limousine and traveled a short drive along the dazzling shopping streets of Singapore to the presidential palace known as Istana where he met with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Kim, in his first public remarks since his arrival, said that the role of Singapore will be recorded in history if the summit is successful.

The US delegation, on the way from the G7 meeting in Canada, is at 8:35 am. Getting to Singapore Air Force Base Paya Lebar. (1235 GMT) and Trump stay at Shangri-La Hotel under the White House.

Trump meets Lee on Monday

Officials aboard the Air Force include Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo, National Security Adviser John Bolton, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, and White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

At stake are North Korea’s nuclear weapons and peace on the Korean Peninsula. North Korea spent decades developing nuclear weapons, culminating in a test of the thermonuclear device in 2017. It also successfully tested missiles that had enough range to reach the US mainland.

Tests have emerged as part of a “maximum pressure” campaign led by the United States that has tightened economic sanctions against North Korea and has increased the possibility of military action.

In the new year Kim said that his country has completed the development of its nuclear program and will focus on economic development, which suggests a meeting with South Korea.

After disturbing contacts between two Koreas, South Korean officials have suggested to Trump in March that Kim will be willing to meet face to face.

The Summit now comes after several weeks of controversial discussions and was briefly abolished in the midst of North Korea’s outrage over reports from some US advisers.

Many people remain skeptical that Kim will completely abandon his nuclear program. They are convinced that its recent engagement is aimed at making the United States ease the paralyzing economic sanctions that have exhausted the poor country.

For Trump, the successful summit will see how he will achieve unnecessary recognition on the international scene before the Congress elections in November.

He says he is 34 years old, Kim is one of the youngest heads of state in the world and looks like an unlikely candidate for doing history of a kind that avoided his father and grandfather as past North Korean leaders.

But since he came to power in 2011 after his father’s death, juvenile Kim showed a mixture of ruthlessness, pragmatism and state art to win this prize: sitting across the table with the leader of the United States and being considered equal.

Both countries were on the verge of war last year and their leaders traded with insults and threats until Kim made a dramatic offer in March to meet Trumpe and discuss the nuclear disarmament that the US President had quickly adopted.

Kim’s journey from international pariah to being considered the responsible head of the state lasted only a few months.

Most expensive luxury hotels in Singapore

These two leaders meet on Tuesday at 9:00 (01:00 GMT) on Capella Island on the island of Sentosa, renovated by the British army’s artillery accident, which is one of the most expensive luxury hotels in Singapore today.

The source who participated in Kim’s travel planning said he planned to leave Singapore at 14:00. on Tuesday.

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