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Syrian evacuated

Jordan accepts Syrian “white helmets” evacuated by Israeli aid

JERUZALEM / AMMAN – Jordan on Sunday announced that 800 soldiers, including members of the Syrian “White Helmets” civilian defense group, were evacuated from southwest Syria, where Damascus forces rebel against the rebels, with Israeli officials saying they facilitate the mission.

The Israeli army said it had completed a “humanitarian effort to save members of the Syrian civil society and their families … over the immediate threat to their lives.”

They are said to have been transferred to a neighboring country they have not found.

On Saturday, Israeli secret security closed the various roads in the occupied Golan Heights, at the border of Syrian, before the evacuation operation.

Kingdom agreed to the request

A spokesman for the Jordanian Foreign Ministry said the kingdom allowed the UN to organize the entry and transit of 800 Syrian civilian defense workers. that their lives are threatened by a government offensive that has recovered parts of southern Syria that have been rebelling.

The Kingdom agreed to the request by Britain, Germany and Canada for white helm workers to obtain temporary asylum in the kingdom before settling in the West for humanitarian reasons, said spokesman Mohammad al-Kayed.

He said aid workers would remain in a “closed” location and that Britain, Germany and Canada agreed to re-establish them within three months.

Officially called Syrian civilian defense, but thanks to its distinctive white helmets, the group operated a rescue service in the rebellious parts of Syria following the aerial bombardment of civilian areas. They are credited for saving thousands of lives.

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