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John Dowd resigns as Trump’s lawyer

Donald Trump, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, John Dowd, resigned from the President’s personal legal team, which dealt with the response to the Russian investigation.

I love the President and I wish him well,” Dowd said in a statement.
Dowd’s resignation comes as Trump intensifies attacks on Robert Mueller’s special counsel, and a few days after Dowd said in his statement, the investigation should end, initially claiming to speak for president before saying he speaks for himself.

John Dowd is a friend and was a valuable member of our legal team. We will continue our permanent representation of the President and our co-operation with the Special Representative Office, “said Jay Sekulow, Adviser to the President.

Trump’s lawyers are in the middle of a meeting with a special lawyer’s team about a possible interview with the president.

It was not clear who would take the President’s personal suit, but Trump earlier this week hired another veteran Washington attorney Joseph diGenov to join the legal team. diGenova should play a role in the legal team in the forward direction, fulfill what Trump felt as a lack of votes that publicly defended him, and called on him to defend a special advisor. DiGenova publicly claimed that Trump was “framed” by FBI officials and the Department of Justice.

The New York Times and The Washington Post first announced Dowd’s resignation.

Dowd was previously criticized for dealing with the response to the former Trump’s request, former security adviser Michael Flynn, who became the first Trump official to face Mueller’s allegations. The President first shaken the legal team this summer and Mark Kasowitz as his lead lawyer removed the matter.

Dowd landed alone and the president in hot water tweet says the author wrote that Trump knew that Flynn was lying to the FBI in January, reawakening questions about whether Trump questioned justice when he allegedly asked FBI director James Comey to dismiss Flynn’s investigation.

Investigating harassment of justice

I had to fire General Flynn because he lied to the Vice-President and the FBI. He promised these lies, “tweet told Trump’s account.

This tweet was chaired by Senate Dianne Feinstein, Supreme Democrat in the Senate’s Judicial Committee, and commented that the committee was investigating harassment of justice and said, “What we are starting to see is compiling a case of obstruction of justice.”

Dowd said he wrote a tweet, but then suggested he was wrong, claiming that “at the time of burning nobody, including justice, Flynn did not lie lies.”

He refused to answer the other questions and said, “Enough … I will not send haters.”
This reaction was characteristic of Dowd’s hard-charging style, which initially attracted him to the president and was made by a leading lawyer on the President’s Trump’s legal team, but all were banished by Kasowitz in July.

The latest shake-up now leaves questions about whether Trump’s legal team will follow Dowd’s strategy as a result of Flynn’s claim when Dowd claimed that Trump could not be prosecuted for harassing justice because he is President of the United States and therefore his ” police officer “.

Dowd’s claim has suggested that the president’s legal team plans to rely on the untested theory that lawyers seriously question: whether the presidential president may be accused of obstruction of justice or accusations.

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