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Jim Kelly started treatment after the onset of oral cancer

Pro Football Hall of Fame Jim Kelly will continue as soon as oral cancer treatment, as recent studies have shown that cancer has returned.

“Since our family has experienced various claims and triumphs over the years, you have blessed us with your prayers.” We are asking for this prayer again, “Kelly said in a statement on Thursday. Oral cancer has disappeared forever, it’s back. Although I was surprised and sad when I discovered the news, I knew God would unite.

“I always speak from four fs: Faith, family, friends and fans, all by your side, we fight together and we will win this battle.” Following Kelly Taai “and trusting in God will help us in this difficult time”.

Kelly first announced in June 2013 that she had nasal mucosal cancer. She was treated for tumor removal, but in March 2014, the cancer was found again.

The former Buffalo Bill quarterback took weeks of chemo and radiation in 2014 before being declared cancer-free in September. It is often monitored for cancer after many years.

Kelly’s daughter

Kelly Kelly’s daughter Kelly Bean and his wife Jill sent a message from Instagram on Thursday.

Kelly, 58, played a bill from 1986 to 1996 and played in four consecutive Super Bowls. He was in the famous Hall in 2002.

“We are very sad to hear the news, Jim Kelly and his next fight against cancer,” Bil Khamis said in a statement. “Jim is a tough and brave man, and we know he struggles with power and seriousness.” Buffalo Bills supports Kelly’s family during this difficult time and we ask the faneillamme to pray for the family while Jim initiates the treatment and recovery process. “

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