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Israel attacks rocket on Hamas

Gaza on December 9 (IANS) Israel has concentrated several places on Hamas militants in Gaza to eliminate attacks from previous rockets

Israeli troops said they left La for weapons and factory ammunition to save when troops in Hamas on Friday no Israeli warplanes lost two missiles north of Gaza.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health said 10 Palestinians were injured on a Palestinian ship.

Israeli attacks three missiles

The Israeli attacks came after three Gaza missiles were released from Israel in recent days, one hit the southern town of Sderot.

Tensions between Israel and Palestine have increased since US President Donald Trump admits Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Two Palestinians were killed and more than 300 others were injured in protests in Gaza and the West Bank on Friday.

Mahmoud al-Masry, 30, was shot dead at a “Rage Day” demonstration in the town of Khan Younis Gaza, while Maher Atallah, 54, died in the Israeli army in northern Gaza, the Palestinian health ministry said.

Another 340 Palestinians were injured in rubber and hard storage, the ministry said, while about 750 people needed medical treatment to breathe in tear gas and blow out, Efe said.

Although most injuries in the West Bank, the worst injury in Gaza, where 170 were filmed.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) said 4,500 Palestinians had joined a “violent protest” in Gaza by burning car tires and military and police tires.

Thirty-eight demonstrators were arrested in the West Bank, IDF said.

Israel attacks increase tension

The United States found itself isolated at a Security Council meeting in New York when they were later members of the UN Security Council criticizing the position in Jerusalem and warned to increase tension in the area.

Political conflicts in Jerusalem could lead to a constant religious conflict, says the Permanent Representative of France, Francois Delattre

Referring to several Council resolutions, he said that unilateral changes in the urban state were zero and more valuable.

US Permanent Representative Nikki Haley said the United States “recognized that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel.”

He said the United States “has decided to reach a sustainable peace agreement” and accused the United Nations of the tendency to say that “bothering has become one of the world’s main hostages in Israel.”

“Israel will never be and will never be tested by the UN treaty or collection of countries that have shown distrust for Israel’s security,” Haley said.

Elsewhere in the protest, Trump’s announcement began as thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters met in Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Turkey, Tunisia and Iran.

Demonstrations are also held in Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Indonesia, the largest Islamic country in the world

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