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Irish singer Big Tom McBride died at the age of 81

Legendary country singer Big Tom died at the age of 81.

Tributes began to pour on a late singer who was called the “Irish King of Country Music” in the 1960s since he dominated the screenplay.

Co Monaghan’s champion, whose real name was Thomas McBride, died in the morning of this morning. His children announced their news through their Facebook page and wrote: “It is with great sadness that we announce this morning that our dear father, Big Tom McBride (RIP), announced that his father had died in the family .

Big Tom” suffered from health problems

“Unfortunately, everyone who knew him will unfortunately not be missed.

“Big Tom” suffered from health problems over the years and was hospitalized in 2006 after having suffered a heart attack.

He leaves four children. Tom’s wife for more than 50 years Rose died in February.

Crowner Daniel O’Donnell spoke of his relationship with the late singer and said that Tom’s music had joined the Irish diaspora over the years.

“He touched people in Ireland and those who emigrated from Ireland On the days when so many people lived in England, and their connection to the house was all weekend music and dance, he thought so many people and so many country singers in Ireland,” said RTE Radio One .

“It’s going to be so bad, it was the biggest one.”

O’Donnell said he believed Tom’s health was worse than his wife.

“It’s so sad,” RTE Radio One said. “On the other hand, he was probably broken without his wife, Rose, perhaps for him a gift from God.

“His family, I’m sure they’re just being destroyed.

“I’m sure, since Rose died, his life was darker. Every step Tom took was a step behind him.

“I can not take anything, just today is a great gathering in heaven.”

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