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earthquake hit Indonesia

Indonesia – A 6.4 earthquake hit Indonesia’s Lombak island

Indonesia – A 6.4 earthquake struck the popular tourist island of Lombok in Indonesia on Sunday killing 12 people and sending villagers fleeing from the beds into open fields to avoid collapsing buildings.

The earthquake that rocked the island early in the morning when many people still slept wounded about 40 people

Electricity has been cut off in the worst area, Sembalun, sparsely populated areas of rice fields and Mount Rinjani slopes on the northern side of the island.

A 30-year-old Malay woman who visited Mount Rinjani, a popular tourist destination, belongs to those who were killed, said Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, spokesman for the disaster relief agency.

He said the area was temporarily closed for mountaineers because landslides were reported.

People gather in the streets and empty the fields to avoid collapsing buildings, “he said.” The main attention is now devoted to evacuation and rescue. Some injuries are still being treated at clinics. ”

A emergency tent was set up in Sembalun in the street, treating the wounded, as local hospitals were damaged and patients in critical condition were taken to other hospitals.

“It happened so suddenly around 6 am, all of a sudden collapse,” said Siti Sumarni, a Sembalun resident. “My baby was inside the house, fortunately survived.”

She stood at a green tent in the dusty field, saying there was nothing out of the house.

Videos have shown that ambulances are lining Lombok Street and many homes are damaged only by parts of the brick walls.

Earthquakes are common in Indonesia

“We jumped out of our bed so we could not fall on our heads,” said Jean-Paul Volckaert, who runs the hotel at Senggigi on the west side of Lombok.

I walked around, but there is no damage yet. We were very surprised because the water in the swimming pools was like a wild sea. There were waves in the pools, but only 20 to 30 seconds, “he told Reuters on the phone.

A 6.4 magnitude earthquake is considered strong and can cause serious damage.

The earthquake in Lombok hit at 6:47 am (2247 GMT on Saturday) and was only 4.35 miles (7 km), a shallow depth that would intensify its effect.

It was 50 km northeast of the city of Mataram, according to a geological survey of the United States of America, but was also felt strongly in the west on the neighboring island of Bali, Indonesia’s best tourist destination.

Almost 80 consecutive bangs were recorded, the largest aftershock recorded at 5.7 magnitude, the Indonesian Meteorological, Climatological and Geophysical Agency said.

The earthquake was on the ground and did not cause any wave or tsunami.

Earthquakes are common in Indonesia, located on a seismically active “circle of fire” that surrounds the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

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