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Indian industries believe turn carbon dioxide into a baking powder

A company in India has said that it is turning captured carbon dioxide from a coal-powered boiler into valuable chemicals such as baking powder, in what is thought to be a world first.


The process takes place in a chemical plant in the city of Tuticorin. With the help of an Indian firm, Carbon Clean Solutions, they say they can 60,000 tons (66,000 metric tons) of savings in CO2 emissions per year.

“I’m a businessman. I never thought about saving the planet,” Gopalan Ramachadran that the plant, Tuticorin Alkali Chemicals owner, told BBC Radio 4. “I had a reliable stream of CO2, and this was the best way in order to get it. ‘

The Carbon Clean boiler chimney is operated by two young Indian chemists, with their own technique of using salt to bind CO2 molecules. With the different capture process than with others, the process uses a new chemical CO2, which is apparently more effective with the chemical strip. More than 90 percent of CO2 is said to be stable.

There is a wide use of produced soda, glass, sweeteners, detergents, and paper products according to Guardian. The plant is now likely to have zero emissions because of the use of the technique.

Last year, a plant in Iceland made a breakthrough when it emerged stone dioxide. However, as a more useful by-product, such as sodium carbonate, it may be attractive for the job. In its website, Clean Carbon estimates that about 20 percent of total global greenhouse gas emissions contributing to carbon capture climate change can be reduced in the next four years.

“In the future, it might be desirable to build carbon capture technologies, such as power plants and factories, or to pay for carbon taxes,” they note. “Carbon Clean Solutions is working with innovations and customers to effectively reduce the technologies that will be the source of CO2 emissions from major sources.”




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