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Hundreds Of Pilot Whales Stranded Off The Coast Of New Zealand

A desperate attempt to save dozens of pilot whales is still alive after hundreds of them stranded off the coast of New Zealand, the third largest mass base in the country’s history.
At least 250 400 dead whales were found stranded at Farewell Spit Golden Bay tip of South Island on Friday, the Department of Conservation said in a statement.
The rescue team tried over 100 whales in the morning, about 50 to climb to the surface of the sea.

However, both released 80-90 whales trapped in the same spot five hours later said Inwood.

Stranded Off the Coast

Shock volunteer sites

Hundreds of people showed up to help whales cool.
“Unlike two or three hundred cars full of people who came to help, perhaps 3-400 people,” Department of Conservation ranger Kath Inwood Community


According to the Inwood area, we generally beached whale watching and many locals were trained to keep the animals comfortable and help them bring to the surface.
“A lot of people are free and will soon have the knowledge and training to help with the job,” he said.
Night security of volunteers who may be at risk throughout the suffering of animals.

Hundreds Of Pilot Whales

More than 400 pilot whales stranded on New Zealand beach in the afternoon Thursday, February 9.

This is a Bigger one

The whale was first detected in the water on Thursday night, a staffing department, before it met at Farewell Spit on Friday.
“In general, (are) from November to March, and was not many years there. (But) Of course, this is a big compared to many years … many of them gradually,” they said,
The largest whaling strand in New Zealand took place in 1918 when 1 000 whales stranded in Chatham.
The second largest is in Auckland in 1985, when 450 ends at the beach.
“You do not usually stay so long to make the trip, we did 180 times before, but I think many (why the answer) is really unknown,” Inwood said. “There are many different theories.”

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