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Hangouts Chat, the free rival of Google, comes from a beta program

The vision of modern communications at work, is now widely available and an integral part of the G Suite. Hangouts conversations are reported for the first time for Google Cloud Next 2017 along with Hangouts Meet. While Meet soon gets public access, Chat is an example of an invitation. Google will share chat with all G Suite customers within the next seven days (so if you still do not see it, do not hesitate).

Google hangouts chat

Hangouts is basically all that Google does for loose projects, Microsoft and the like. When Google first announced this project, Atlassi joined the battle with the launch of the Stride program. Like its competitors, Chat is available on iOS, Android and the Internet.

All of these companies are basically part of the same theme, but they all do their own business. For Google, that means heavy AI. This best example might be a @ Meet newsletter that will help you organize Drive meetings and newsletters that keep you up to date when the file is shared with you or when people request access to one of your documents.

Chat now supports 28 languages ​​and each room can have up to 8,000 members. It’s so important that Google has built a partner ecosystem that integrates with Chat by providing its own bots. They include Xero, RingCentral, Uberconconference, SalesForce, Zenefits, Zoom.ai, Jira, Trello, Wrike and Kayak. There are also Giphy bones.

Developers can also create their own robots and integrate their own services into Chat.

Deep integration with Google’s own products also includes Chati. This includes the ability to start Hangouts Meet Chat video conferencing, Drive file transfers, document collaboration,

Google machine-oriented features

The Hangouts chat still triggers a crowded field. There is enough room for growth, but many companies have invested. The advantages of Google, of course, Chat are part of the G Suite and companies that already use Google services do not have to pay additional costs. Google also expects machine-oriented features and in-depth integration with popular services to provide competitive advantage.

If users want to use Hangouts phones on phones only, this posting will only add to the mess they need for Google’s messaging services. Google’s overall location has been clear: Duo and Allo are text and video chat programs for users, and Hangouts Meet and Chat are the same as the commercial side. But Allo is never annoying and happy Hangouts to live on millions of smartphones (and there is also an Android message, but it is OEM and all of the traditional text messaging and RCS) to the operator and hardware.

For G-suite software, Google also today announced the launch of a smart project that will help you look for a meeting that is easy to subscription for two years, and quick access to documents, in which machine learning automatically applied to show your important files. This is similar to the fast disk already in Drive.

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