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Half a million to save Fariña

The judge ordered Nacho Carretero to seize the drug-related book after he was sentenced by the mayor of the former Prime Minister of Galicia. The publisher only shared an additional 10,000 copies a few days ago

Jose Alfredo Bea Gondar served as mayor of the O Grove dictator when he dethroned his cousin, who left the Caribbean cruise and was awarded him at the front, after returning, erupted. He returned to the independent ranking in 1983, but better became a CDS and left him in a minority. Beside him, he refused to hold a two-year plenary session to avoid a motion of conversation. She is rooted in the City Hall in dozens of voters day and night come to occupy the plenary, so it was not discussed until the special forces of the Interior Ministry of all occupied parts of Spain presented to the roof, roof and terrace. The Grove, the goal was to prevent the mayor from defending and fighting opponents and to ensure the response of the plenary session, which took him from the Council.

In 1991, independent appointments were chosen more often in municipal elections. Three days before the start of the new company, police arrived at his house at 11 am and arrested him. It is the operation said to Judge Baltasar Garzón, a Colombian is arrested in Madrid on 30 kilos of cocaine in the car, a rented Customs Pontevedra Gondar. 72 hours later, the political parties of O Grove voted to go to the absolute majority for a candidate, so José Alfredo Bea Gondar, who did not receive a vote during the session, was appointed the mayor. He received huge news in Alcalá Meco prison, accused of drug trafficking. The deadline lasted two days until the company agreed to shoot by default.

Galicia Rias Baixas

Bea Gondar is the time of Galicia Rias Baixas, where the borders between Narco, rights and powers were so faded that the weight of the militant Popular Alliance and mayor of Vilagarcía, Pablo Vioque, the director ended with the demolition of two tons of cocaine and took the liaison council on drug addiction in the National Court, Javier Zaragoza, kills. The giants of Galicia de Muertos and the complete work were published in 2015, collected by journalist El País Fariña Nacho Carretero. Eleven years ago, having the judge arrested Garzón that 30 kilos of cocaine in the car is a Colombia cordless, from where had to play until they reach the 2000 kilo deposit Cali cartel involved. a boat, an ex-citizen guilty by Sito Miñanco and José Alfredo Bea Gondar.

It was a description of the fact that Garzón Carretero published Fariña, where Bea was listed twice to say that he had been pursued for it. The state court has condemned the death of the former mayor of O Grove. However, the Supreme Court repeals the punishment when the testimony of repentance is declared null and void. The lack of this format led Bea Gondar and four others. Later, Bea was used for Narcos and drug trafficking, which also appeared in the memoir Baltasar Garzón, convicted of money laundering criminal drug trafficking.

Asylum of January 2016 José Alfredo Bea Carretero and its publisher, Libros del KO, which are said to be “cruel and defamatory” crimes by participating in operational data. Arguing 500,000 (“half a million or nothing,” the publisher announced, when it agreed to initiate a dialogue), a public fix, to spread lies and need to lose its name from this book. In addition, precautionary measures, which the arbitrator is now partially evaluated, such as Farina’s interception and the ban on the use of copies. In order to be able to kidnap, Bea Gondar must deposit $ 10,000.

Thus, three years after the publication of this book, was transformed into a bestseller and Bamboo The serial production of Antena 3 will broadcast, Fariña, who arrived at the bookstores disappearing information Bea money depository and publishers. not complaining. The study was designed for the months between April and May. The KO book prints and shares the tenth edition of Fariña just ten days ago, plus 10,000. By simply saying that he was “surprised” with the decision and apologized for the “destruction” that the publisher may experience after circulation

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