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Governor of New Jersey Announces Emergency Situation of the Night to Prevent Nor’Easter

This is the governor’s statement that offers state funds – from storing trash to shelters – to help local people cope with extreme weather or other disasters. It also allows the government to mobilize New Jersey national guards or use certain federal sources, such as large wheel vehicles, standby meals, and generators.

Is there a travel ban in an emergency?
In most cases not.

Vice president of New Jersey

“Anxiety does not mean a travel ban,” says Laura Connolly, vice president of New Jersey. “The ban on travel is something we do in extreme conditions, because that means you have to close the roads and highways in the area.”

But local and regional officials can make their own emergency announcements containing movement restrictions for public safety. And in many cases, it may be prudent to avoid, regardless of travel restrictions. Drivers can check road conditions and travel updates at 511nj.org.

Closed business and school?
The government can not tell businesses or private schools when they are forced to close. However, local authorities may impose restrictions on local emergency exams. The closure of the school is left to individual areas.

Emergencies do not automatically close real buildings, but governors usually order them to close or close the opening for several hours.

How do I get updates?
The New York Emergency Management Office updates your social media accounts and your site at ready.nj.gov. The government can also share information through emergency notification systems, law enforcement agencies, traffic signals and media channels.

Information about closures and local conditions usually comes from local authorities.

Has federal aid in New Jersey come to respond to anxiety?
Municipalities and territories may seek federal assistance in the process of initiating an initial injury assessment as soon as an emergency and subsequently requiring a disaster response to the president. Some people and families may also receive subsidies if opinions are given to presidential security.

New Jersey recently received $ 73 million with the help of the federal government after the January 2016 hurricane, more than two meters from Jersey.

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