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Gina Haspel, a CIA candidate, “tried to pull

Presidential candidate Donald Trump, head of the CIA, has sought to withdraw because of concerns over her role in harsh investigative techniques, which are generally considered torture.

Gina Haspel, who faces a hard-spoken hearing in the Senate on Wednesday, was reportedly afraid that her interrogation could damage her reputation and the CIA.

After a fierce meeting on Friday, Mrs Haspel decided to stay.

Insufficient divisions of the 51-49 party in the Senate make the confirmation uncertain

This place was released after Mike Pompeo was appointed foreign minister last month. Mrs. Haspel would have been the first CIA woman to be confirmed.

Why was Mrs Haspel so scared?

She has been with the CIA for 33 years, almost completely secret, but lastly as Deputy Director, and her time at the agency concerned a period when techniques involving water were used in a controversial questioning program for terror suspects.

Mrs. Haspel had a so-called “Black Place” in Thailand, a secret overseas prison where such interrogations were held.

The Washington Post says officials were summoned to the White House on Friday, fearing their previous tech support.

At this meeting, she was obviously interested in leaving, and she asked the White House Assistant Adviser, including the Sarah Huckabee Sanders Press Office, to rush on Friday at the CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

Mrs. Haspel was apparently afraid of repeating the fate of Ronny Jackson, who recalled her nomination to a veteran’s secretary, amid questions about alleged wrongdoing.

The post said that until Saturday, Mrs. Haspel decided to remain nominated.

What will happen on Wednesday?

The Senate’s verification hearing will not be easy, and Mrs. Haspel is preparing to do this with mockery at the CIA headquarters.

The Democrats will certainly raise the question of her role in the interrogation program, and some said they should be disqualified because of their activities on the Thai site.

She has said she will definitely oppose the re-introduction of some of the program mentioned by Mr Trump in the past.

Another question could be the destruction of videotapes that show al-Qaeda suspects are under investigation.

Mrs Haspel has proposed a cable that ordered them to be destroyed in 2005, although her head, Jose Rodriguez, reportedly sent her unconscious from CIA Director Porter Goss.

Will it be confirmed?

Surely he has his supporters.

Ms. Sanders: “No one is yet qualified to be the first woman to lead the CIA than CIA veteran Gina Haspel.

CIA spokesman Ryan Trapani said that those who worked with Mrs. Haspel “support her almost equally” and “will finally be able to see Gina Haspel’s true Wednesday”.

The Reprieve Human Rights Organization said that Mrs Haspel was not “suitable” for the operation of the CIA.

The 51-49 Republican Democratic Conflict in the Senate makes her confirmation vulnerable, especially with the long absence of John McCain, who is ill.

According to the report, some advisers have told Mr. Trump that her confirmation is unlikely.

What was the poll program?
Former President George W. Bush has approved a system, known as the relay, detention and interrogation program, following the September 11 attacks in the United States in 2001.

Suspects of terrorism have been subjected to techniques such as water parkings that simulate drowning.


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