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Ghost Recon, cat, red dot and dead

I do not want cats. Ubisoft has released a new live-action trailer for Ghost Recon Tom Clancy wildlands have a cat, a red dot, and the dead gang-bangers.

This live-action trailer takes place in a hideout place to play poker three members of the group. There happens to be a cat chasing around a red dot that appears suspicious in all rooms. You can guess that the red dot of a laser pointer instead of smile, but high-powered sniper rifle used by a shooter with a sense of humor.

Benoit Martinez, artist and lead technical director at Ubisoft, explains why they chose Bolivia as a backdrop to your open world.

What’s biggest challenge

The biggest challenge is to define us. We went to Bolivia for a few weeks and sent troops from the north, south, east and west of the country. We are everywhere, from the Altiplano to the dead, forests, islands, and everything. And to give an idea of ​​the dedication it takes to venture into the streets of the death of Bolivia, BBC called “the most dangerous road in the world” in 2006.

Unlike previous franchise entries, not what happens, what competitive multiplayer. The focus is entirely on the campaign can be played cooperatively up to four players online. In addition, players can choose to go alone and give instructions to the AI-controlled teammates.

The campaign has a large open world with nine types of terrain (mountains, deserts, forests, even salt) as well as dynamic weather and day / night cycle. As in most open world games, you can increase and improve equipment squadron; Players can also build relationships with NPC and they will affect the world.

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