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Garrison Keillor said he resigned from allegations of misconduct

Garrison Keillor, a former host of the Prairie Home Companion, said today that he was fired by Minnesota Public Radio for alleged misconduct.

Keillor told the Associated Press about his dismissal by email. Seurat said he was fired, “the story, which I find more interesting and complex than the MPR heard the version.” He did not provide the details of the charges.

It’s kind of an ironic poet, that’s blasting the story, because I’ve counted on so many, but I’m 75 years old and not interested in discussing it. And I can not rely on the harms of large organizations, which I’ve worked on for a long time since 1969, “Keillor said.

“You can not expect more than I can,” he said.

Minnesota Public Radio confirmed that Keillor was shot and said he received a single charge of “inappropriate behavior” and did not know about the same allegations.

Keillor, 75, retired in 2016 as a long-term public radio actor. Her follower-elect, Mandolist Chris Thile, is the second host, “Prairie Home.”

an opinion that came shortly after, when Keillor, a dedicated Democrat, wrote in a union room that devastated the idea of ​​organizational members in Minnesota. Al Franken must resign from allegations of sexual harassment.

Keillor began his story on Saturday night in his famous village, Lake Wobegon, Minnesota, Minn. – “where all powerful women, all handsome men and all children are above average” – in 1974. Show musicals, folk humor, parody advertising for counterfeit products such as milk powder, biscuits and downtown, offers Keillor a monologue that seems to be indifferent, “News From Lake Wobegon,” he is rich in baritone.

Keillor Hollywood performance 2016

Keillor bowed at the Hollywood Bowl’n performance of July 2016 and featured the Thillelle, mandolin and often the entertainment “Prairie Home” – as a musician. Keillor held a bus tour this summer to 28 cities and promised it would be his last tour, but will continue to do solo shows. Keillor also complements the scenery and memories of Lake Wobegon as Minnesota grows

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