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Fun And bemusement like Trump notes “last night in Sweden”

When US President Donald Trump told sympathizers in Melbourne, Florida on Saturday night that “we need to keep our country safe. You can see what happened in Germany, see what happened last night in Sweden, the” Public attention has changed the Scandinavian countries, expect scenes of violence.

But as we have seen, Sweden does not present specific risks to safety, despite claims to ground tricks “to take in large quantities (of immigrants), they have a problem that they never thought possible.”

In Sweden, the government responded to the allegations and denounced Trump and bemusement seriously during the “post-truth” climate.

Carl Bildt, former Swedish Prime Minister tweeted:

Carl Bildt

Embassy of Sweden in Washington DC sent the following brief comment after Trump:

Swedish embassy

Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet Trump responded to the speech by publishing the list of events under the headline: “That was what happened in Sweden on Friday, Mr. President.” This article refers to events that are serious, and also more common, like the news that “the famous singer Owen Thörnqvist has some technical difficulties during the exercise (a) a music contest.”

Trump went on to explain that he was referring to Fox News broadcasting, where directors Ami Horowitz refers to Sweden as the “rape capital of Europe” and blamed the rise of Muslim population of crime refugees.

By 2015, Sweden has approved more than 160,000 asylum applications, behind only Germany and Hungary in the European Union.

This is not the first case of embarrassment, as a result of terrorist attacks Board sarcastic by Trump. Kelly Anne Conway, an aide to the president, ridiculed earlier this year when he asked for “Bowling Green Murder.”

Ewa Stenberg, political correspondent for the Swedish head of the Dagens Nyheter, said that the speech of Trump in the CNBC Squawk Box said. “People are really surprised”

Increasing violence in 2017

He explained that although Sweden has seen “increasing violence, especially criminals” in 2017, “immigrants are difficult to integrate the problem.” Refers to the ambiguous Trump statement, he stated that “definitely a problem, but there is no scale that Donald Trump talking about.” He added, “It’s not so dramatic and it’s not violence.”

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