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Former Minister Hasan Celal Güzel has lost a beautiful life

Celal Besar, a former pastor, died at the age of 73 at Ankara Güven Hospital where he was treated with beauty.

Physical processing of Pamukkaleen circuits in Denizli with thermal break. One night, ambulance, surgery to Ankara.

Güzels Veysi bin Mustafa Güzel, AA journalist said his father was taken in his speech. Trust Hospital was diagnosed with pneumonia and intestinal problems and was open minded.

He lost his life at the Trust Hospital where he was well looked after for a bad morning.

Gaziantep (ANAP) was elected to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hasan Celal Güzel, who was Minister of Sports, Youth and Sports in 1986.

Good salt is given to the field of tomorrow.
funeral Hasan Celal Turkey Death of the Great General Assembly tomorrow. When the funeral prayer was made at Hacı Bayram Mosque, the tomb of Gölbaşi was given a fine size.

Hasan Celal The diagnosis of chronic renal failure and chronic renal failure is well known because of the need for dialysis and sophisticated heart failure recorded at 7:03 am in hospital due to general anomalies and general exceptions.

In the explanations, it was emphasized that Beauty was generally in the intensive care unit and treatment of other therapies with antibiotics was emphasized and respiratory insufficiency developed due to severe inflammation in the lungs. Cardiac arrest does not respond to pulmonary resuscitation and is left within 6.15 hours. “shared information.

Former Minister Hasan Celal Güzel

Hasan Celal Turkey largest burial of the Great General Assembly will be held tomorrow.

After the funeral ceremony was held at Haci Bayam Mosque at noon, the beautiful graveyard will be buried in the Gölbaşi graveyard.

“Good service you will never forget”
President Ibrahim Kalin shared Twitter account with the death of former Minister Hasan Celal Güzel.

Ibrahim Kalin said: “I am deeply saddened by the death of Hasan Celal Güzel Bey, Almighty Allah Almighty, we can all be right, and this country is a good service and this country will not be forgotten.

Family and people get good

Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlüt Cavusoglu shared Twitter with a minister of the death of the former Guzman.

Minister Çavuşoğlu said in his message. “The only person who knows the service given to my country is Hasan Celal Güzel’s death and the courageous attitude of a deep regret on February 28, God bless you, this is paradise.

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