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Federal Prosecutor: Senior Trump Transition Principal introduced the Flynn Speak Russian Ambassador

Michael Flynn has admitted that older Trump transition officers have asked him to contact Russian officials in December.

Flynn, the country’s security adviser to enter, was called Mar-a-Lago transition officer on December 29 shortly after a Russian ambassador to the United States Sergei Kislyak at that time, federal prosecutors said.

Flynn asked on Friday to make false statements about the nature of the talks in Kislyaki.

National Security Adviser Michael Flynn

Federal prosecutors on Friday told the court that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn Dec. 29 was moving to senior Mar-a-Lake officials called by President Donald Trump. The purpose of the call, the prosecutor, is to discuss Flynn’s talk with Russia. The US ambassador at that time, Sergei Kislyak, about what President Barack Obama ordered to Russia that day.

As part of the confession agreement canceled Flynn to the federal government that a senior member of the transition team asked him to contact Russian authorities last December.

The government does not disclose the identities of the temporary agent.

Trump ansi, Jared Kushner, is an important member of the transitional economy and met during the Flynn and Kislyakin Trump Tower in the same month. Kushner focused on Robert Mueller’s special advice on Russia’s participation in the US elections in 2016 and whether Trump officials played a role.

Trump on Mar-a-Lago when Flynn would have asked Kislyak to discuss December 29, which triggered the fact that he was involved in telling Russia to avenge the transition team, is a promise that sanctions will be reviewed when the Trump take over.

Great transition from backwardness (V. Putin) – I always know that I am intelligent! “Trump culminates on December 30th.

The Washington Post

The Washington Post reported in February that Flynn had talked about restrictions during the Kislyaki transfer. I asked about the report at that time, Trump said, “I do not know, I do not see this … I’ll see.”

Flynn was forced to resign shortly afterwards, although Trump continues to defend him as a “great man” who was treated “extremely unfair.”

Flynn asked Kislyakin “to release the worsening situation”

The indictment filed by Mueller’s cabinet on Friday said Flynn had asked Kislyak “did not increase the reactionary state to the sanctions that the United States imposed against Russia on the same day.”

Kislyak then told Flynn that “Russia is determined to contain the response to these sanctions on request,” the statement said.

Flynn appealed on Friday for the FBI’s false statement of this discussion. He told federal investigators he did not speak of Kislyak’s feathers and did not remember Kislyak saying that Russia would be patient with his reaction.

December 30 after Flynn spoke to Kislyak and the transition officer was informed that Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia would not retaliate.

“We do not cause problems for American diplomats,” Putin said in a statement. “We do not guide anyone.”

Revelation brought a new light on the White House’s reaction – or the lack of it – in acting, counselor Sally Yates, at that time White House counselor, warned that McGahn Don Flynn, Vice President Mike Pence, Kislyakin talk.

Yates testified this year that he warned McGahnta that he could “act”, fearing the negligent Flynn of Russia.

“The first thing we do is that Mr. McGahn explains that the behavior of Flynn’s own boss is problematic,” Yates recalled. “We told him we thought the vice president and others had the right to know that the information they gave to America was not true.”

Flynn works with Mueller

Flynn said in a statement Friday that he “tends to do the right thing”.

“I blame the petition and work with the consent of a special government office reflects the decision I made for my family and for the good of our country,” he said. “I accept full responsibility for my position.”

Ty Cobb, an adviser to White House Trump, represented Russian studies, Flynn is described as “former Obama official” in a statement on Friday.

He added: “The incorrect statement reflects the weight of false officials in the White House, which led to his resignation in February of this year, without guilty blame stating a person other than Mr. Flynn.”

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