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FBI vice-president Andrew McCabe were taken out few days before their retirement

Former FBI vice president Andrew McCabe and most of the time Donald Trump’s target was rejected two days before his resignation. The president said his divorce was “a great day for democracy”.

Jeff Sesame’s lawyers confirmed McCabe’s Friday disagreement and served the country’s highest law enforcement agency for twenty years.

In his statement, he was immediately reported to have dismissed McCabe’s duty with the recommendation of the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR).

During the sessions, McCabe was informed by the Clinton Foundation that he had “made an unauthorized declaration to the media and was not in good faith” during investigations and surveys.

Andrew McCabe Retirement pensioner

“The FBI expects all employees to be honest, honest and accountable,” he said. Said. “As the OPR recommendation states,” All FBI personnel know that lack of confidence on the termination of the staff leads to removal from the job, and we are our determinant. ”

McCabe quickly plummeted and said to CNN that the crash was the result of an attack designed to “undermine credibility and reputation.”

Trump celebrated the difference in Twitter and wrote: “Andrew McCabe FIRED is a great day for the FBI to work hard for men and women – a great day for democracy.”

In January, he was an early retirement pensioner, suggesting that the elections were part of the company to divide and examine his private advisers to Russia, divorced from his election. The market is designed to freeze over McCabe at age 50 and weaken the opportunity. Encouraging assistants from Trump and Moscow.

McCabe could be an important witness in a study by Robert Mueller, a member of the Special Council. As a former vice president of the FBI, Trump needs to give details of his decision to shoot James Comey’s friend last year.

In a statement he made on Friday, McCabe said, “government protection in this campaign [against Mueller] only stresses the importance of the work of the Special Council”.

McCabe said that “my role, the actions I take, and the events I see as the end result of the shooting of James Comey” have been rejected.

McCabe blamed the White House

In an interview with Politico, he was resigned and released on Friday, McCabe blamed the White House for creating a “counter-narrative” to weaken his reputation if he had been called to testify by his private consultant.

They are not convincing at the end or believe that some of the special assemblies we have tried to create this narrative answer have caused a lot of reasons to believe that the main witness can also play out, “McCabe said on the internet.

“And as a person who has been believed and trusted by really good people for 21 years, it’s just annoying to me.”

He said the research has shown a concerted effort to give support for the exposure of Russian connections to the Trump Campaign and the assignment of Mueller in research that lasts six weeks. these days are crowned for office.

“Actually, I expected to erect my position before the end of the day, to build every day,” he said. “And if it happens, I do not want anyone to stay away from what they do.”

Trump writes: “Sanctimon James Comey makes his boss and McCabe look like a crust, FBI still knows all about lies and bribes!”

Comey published a book titled Higher Loyalty, and returned to public life in mid-April.

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