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Mexico plane crash

Everyone will survive the crash of Mexican jetliners

MEXICO CITY (mexico plane crash) – Aeromexico, which went flying in storm, suddenly down into a nearby field, but slide to a halt virtually intact and all 103 people on board were able to get rid of the advancing flames before fire engulfed the plane.

Passengers have expressed gratitude for being alive, but many have been extremely shaken after the accident on Tuesday afternoon.

“It was really ugly,” said Lorenzo Nunez, a passenger from Chicago, who flew an airplane with his two sons and a wife. “He burned the question for a few seconds,” he told the reporters, pressing his fingers to emphasize.

Survivors said the Embraer 190 exploded in the flames just after it fell to the ground.

“We felt the flames were coming quickly … there was plenty of smoke,” Jaquelin Flores told El Sol.

Romulo Campuzano, head of the political party in Durango, who was on the plane, told Foro TV that both wings were in the flames when he was out of the plane.

The state governor in the province of Durango, Jose Aispuro, said the gust hit the flight AM2431, which was heading from the town of Durango in Mexico City, as well as rising asphalt, which forced the pilot canceled the takeoff.

The passengers said they heard loud noise, the left left wing flew to the ground, and the two engines broke. However, the aircraft remained upright and the escape slides were activated.

Aispuro said it was too early to speculate about the cause of the crash. Mechanical failure and human error could be factors, but the weather was not favorable. Strong wind and heavy rainfall with marble hail pressed the city of Durango, even the noisy hangars at the airport.

Mexico plane crash

“The most important thing in esteem, that is the nature of this event, is that there are no deaths – this is what is most encouraging for us,” said Aispuro at a press conference.

Several passengers left the plane after the accident before the first respondents arrived. Some sought medical help while others rushed home with loved ones. Officials spent a lot of afternoons tracking the survivors to make sure everyone was charged.

Officials said 49 people were hospitalized – mostly with minor injuries. The pilot suffered the most serious injury, a cervical lesion that required an operation. Some people had burns in their quarters, said Durango, spokeswoman for Fernando Ros.

Aispuro said they are expected to live.

Aeromexico Managing Director Andres Conesa described the day as “very difficult” and added a timely response by the crew and passengers to the lack of fatal accidents.

“Our heart is with the disabled and their families,” he said at the press conference.

Conesa said the passengers included 88 adults, nine children and two children, and the crew consisted of two flight attendants and two pilots.

He said the jetliner was sent for maintenance in February and the crew was resting well, starting their working day in Durango.

The Planespotters.net website stated that the Brazilian medium-term current was about 10 years ago and before joining the Aeromexico fleet met with two other airlines.

Operations were suspended at Guadalupe Victoria Airport in Durango after a crash

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