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Evangelist Billy Graham Died at Age 99

Evangelical preacher Billy Graham, widely received as “US Pastor” to spread the gospel to millions, died Wednesday morning at his home in North Carolina. He is 99 years old.

William Countess, born in 1918 in Charlotte, North Carolina, grew up in the oldest dairy fields of four siblings. He was inspired to share his life by sharing the gospel at age 16 when he attended a series of evocative meetings with Mordecai Ham, Evangelical Evoked Movement.

Baptist preacher

The Baptist preacher, the famous preacher, acquired an excellent substitute spreading the message of Christianity. He first went to radio to preach the gospel in the 1940s and continue the appearance of television in progress. He joined other students through the evangelical association of Billy Graham – a media conglomerate and film.

Despite formal education in theology, it reached more than 200 million through the association and use of television and radio pioneers.

Graham’s message, popular because he thought it was good and eloquent and uncomplicated, did not touch hot buttons like gay marriage or abortion. He told reporters he did not know the so-called “religious law.”

It has a personal library with more than 13,000 books, including works of Jewish religion, Hinduism and African religion.

The preacher admitted that the audience was also admired at that time in the eyes of national figures. Graham has an eternal friendship with Martin Luther King Jr., who was rescued from the Birmingham prison in 1963 in civil rights protests.

He also prayed with many presidents and was very close to Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon.

Graham lifted the weight behind Nixon during his presidential campaign and became a regular visit to the White House in subsequent years. When Watergate broke, Nixon announced that he helped his assistant keep Graham from him until the pastor did not “melt” because of his friendship.

But Graham could not release the scandal unchanged – the anti-Semitic statement he made for Nixon in 1972 was introduced nearly 30 years later when a former secretary was accepted at home.

President Obama also took a fair preacher in 2010, though Graham – who also talked about love with President Donald Trump and Sarah Pailin – suffered many health problems.

Billy Graham died

ENGLISH Billy Graham died, “tweet Trump on Wednesday”. No one like him! Christians and all religions will miss it. A very special guy. ‘

Graham has already suffered cancer, pneumonia and other health problems from his death, said spokesman Mark DeMoss.

With his last sermon in 2005 at Vlissingen Meadows-Corona Park Queens at age 86, he needed a pedestrian to reach the sailboat. Nearly 60,000 people gathered to hear his last sermon called “Cross Billy – Graham Message to America.”

He began praying for the New York Yankees and the New York Mets before the weekend of the Subway series.

“Yanks does not do well, and he and Mets need your prayers,” he said. “I always pray for New York because I love this city.

Before he was taken out of public opinion, Graham was shocked by dozens of people by beating the baritone and it was easy.

“His increased volume of muscle increased the deep voice of his voice, allowed him to combine until his quay spoke, his toes, his fists clenched in the air with his hands,” Time Magazine wrote Graham in 1949.

In the same year, he created a famous series of rehabilitation rehabilitation tents, installed in the parking lot of Los Angeles. His sermon lasted eight weeks.

Graham lives with three daughters, two boys and the grandchildren of a child

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