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ESPN President John Skipper force to step down due to bought of cocaine

After ESPN, John Kippari was forced to step down after being deceived by the person who bought cocaine, a former network president dedicated to an interview with Hollywood Reporter.

Skipper defended the ESPN game in December, and his nature suddenly became clear.

Skipper, “I was immediately threatened and threatened to threaten my family, and this exposure has put my life in jeopardy,” he says. “When the opportunity to explain the details of my family was closed and I mentioned [Disney CEO] Bob [Iger], the clock and I had put the company in an unmanageable state, and the result had to withdraw.

The team leader said he was always wary of using drugs, but “this time, I can not pay it.”

Never used cocaine while working at ESPN

Skipper stated that he never used cocaine while working at ESPN, and that he rarely used it for the last 20 years, so he never affected his work. Earlier this month, ESPN announced that Captain of Disney manager Jimmy Pitaro would be replaced.

The chief of staff said that the problem with medicines arises from the usual habit of raising a fear of fear. At the age of 62, the late CBS is more squeezed than the time of the host. When it’s over, it looks like David Letterman made it to ESPN, allowing him to stay which other approach he wanted to be cautious.

The result is hope, “the captain said, but he did not ask for this result, I was wrong, I would just reveal the truths and talks with Bob to be clear to me what he did.”

The captain said he was “a painful weekend” after his interview with Iger and his formalization of his resignation.

“I do not think I’ve eaten for 48 hours,” Skipper said. “I’m not brave, I’m sleeping, my stomach cramps and pressure is full, I’m panicking, but I do not think it’s worth the price.”

Leader’s team condemned the improper behavior of the servants of ESPN, one of the many rumors of a sudden stoppage. Since Skipper’s removal from work was not a sign that I planned to attend ESPN before responding, he left many questions to answer.

This interview can be seen as the first step in Skipper’s role in the area.

“Right now I am enjoying the ability to fully enjoy what I want to do with the people I want to taste and enjoy with so much time,” Skipper said. Said. “But I do not see que want you to be impatient to go back, and jobs que que some people want to work things are doing interesting things, when I step back, I worry What I think back to daily life is doing something every minute and now the sports world and media room – basketball and football as well as culture and medias – a wonderful job when you take the time to give.

“I’m really excited, somehow, I have no choice but to do the best, and I’ll make the people, I’ve got people, and they’ve made me more excited.” I do not know which way to go, a large part of a big company is being treated and this leads to big companies. I think that you can help smart people, people I love, respect them and do something.

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