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Earthquake Struck Uttarkand India

According to the Richter scale, a 5.8 moderate earthquake struck Uttarkand on Monday night, and the tremor reflected Delhi and other parts of northern India. It took about 30 seconds tremor, reflected in Chandigarh, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and at the same time parts of Uttar Pradesh. According to the National Bureau of Seismology, the Richter scale was 5.8 predominated center Rudraprayag Uttarkand in size.

According to US Geological Survey, an earthquake of magnitude 5.6 hit Uttarakhand on Monday. No injuries or material damage were reported.

Earlier today, a magnitude 5.7 earthquake hit central cities in Colombia, including the capital Bogota, wagging, officials said stating that the injury or damage did not come to the news.

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