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Earthquake in Indonesia damage to Java – bmkg

The earthquake hit Indonesia at 4:45 pm GMT and accelerated on a large island in Java (bmkg)

The building is severely damaged in the area, although no injury or death is reported.

The shocking photos make the walls explode, the windows are ridiculed and some smaller buildings collapsed.

Arrived just 63 miles from Bandung, home to over two million people and travelers recommended

The views left by CSEM EMSC earthquakes are a panic among residents.

One person said, “We feel the house shaking.”

Others said, “I think someone is trying to get into our room, running from one room to another and trying to figure out what happened, Freaky.”

A third said, “The doors and windows are nervous and without light soon.”

The earthquake hit 60 miles deep.

Originally it was registered at 6.8 before being moved to 6.4 and then upgraded to a little 6.5.

About 90 million people are aware of an earthquake, the EMSC-CSEM budget.

The US Geological Society (USGS) warns that many buildings are vulnerable to earthquakes

Public opinion on this site: “The entire population is under construction that is vulnerable to the earthquake, despite the structure.

“The most vulnerable type of construction is the unreinforced concrete brick and the prefabricated concrete structure with wall construction.”

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