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Disney bought Fox movies, some TV companies up to $ 52 billion

The Walt Disney Co. has signed an agreement to buy Rupert Murdoch’s movie, television show and international company Century Fox Inc., $ 52.4 billion, while the world’s largest entertainment company appears to be larger than growing digital competitor, Netflix Inc. and Amazon.com, (Disney stocks fell down)

The deal closed more than half a century of Murdoch’s 86-year development, which results from a single Australian newspaper, he has father at age 21, inheriting one of the world’s leading news and elokuvamonglomerate.

Fox shares fell more than 2% in pre-trade trading. Disney stocks also fell.

According to the treaty, Disney buy large Fox funds, including studios that produced stunning images of Marvel superheroes and Avatar franchises, as well as popular TV shows like The Simpsons.

Fox shareholders receive 0.2745 Disney stock or Disney shares for each of its own shares and ultimately own approximately one-quarter of the Disney company.

Disney‘s global presence also evolved into the acquisition of Fox’s international satellite storage, including Star India television networks and interest in Sky TV’s pay-TV providers.

The acquisition will allow Disney to place new exhibits and movies as it outsells technology companies that spend billions of dollars online with programs featuring people to deal with traditional TV networks.

Shortly before the acquisition, Fox shares the network and Fox Broadcasting channels, Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network, FS1, FS2 and the Big Ten network as a new listed company that will be delivered to its shareholders.

Disney CEO Bob Iger, 66, will continue to serve until the end of 2021 to monitor Fox’s integration. He delayed his retirement three times from Disney and told Mac that he was committed to leaving the company in July 2019.

“This gives us the opportunity to marry Fox’s excellent content with Fox’s great content, giving us a greater international footprint and allowing us to use advanced technology to reach users more closely,” Iger told the “Good Morning America “by ABC.

Iger said the new technology is needed to meet the needs of viewers who want to access content at any time. Direct customer service is the company’s top priority, he said.

Disney will also approve Fox’s net worth of $ 13.7 billion,

Due to Fox’s interest in the Hulun Video Streaming Service, Disney will be dominated by a majority of one of Netflix Inc’s major competitors. Hulu is also part of Comcast Corp. and Time Warner Inc.

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