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Dick Sports Bans Sale of Shotguns and Stops the Sale of Arms Under 21

Athletics and athletics and Dick’s outdoor monster stop selling shots in stores, allowing no less than 21 buy weapons, Ed Stack’s executive retailer reported Good Morning America this morning.

Companies with more than 700 stores play an important role in Parkland, Florida, which has killed 14 students and teachers.

Dicks sporting goods

Based on what is happening and seeing children and parents, everything went very well, “said Dick Ed Stack, chairman and CEO of GMA. To think about the loss and sadness of our children and our parents, we say, “We need to do something,” Stack said. “And we will carry this weapon permanently from all our stores.”

Nicholas Cruz, who was said to be a fierce team at the Florida show, bought Dick’s guns, although he did not use them in the shot.

“We do everything through this book, we do everything we need, but he is able to buy weapons,” Stack told ABC. “When we see this, we say,” Any system is not effective enough to prevent us from selling as a weapon. ”

With guns, guns can fire more turns than conventional weapons. Walmart announces that it will end up selling this weapon by 2015.

In the weeks since Parkland’s arrest, new grievances were made for tighter gun laws, and students discussed this particular issue.

In recent days, big companies like Hertz and Avis have teamed up with the National Rifle Association.

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