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DiCaprio back in Brando, Oscar Malaysia under a money laundering investigation

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio Marlon Brando earned an Oscar, according to his agent, with American researchers studying money laundering in a so-called state investment fund operated by Malaysia.

In DiCaprio, the unidentified actress has announced that she has received a gift charity tender, which she said was done by people, including 1MDB-equity funds.

Red Granite blamed

In July, Hollywood production company Red Granite blamed US civil lawsuits that use 1 million dollars in funding that it says “Monster Hunter,” promoter DiCaprio annoyed 2013 film 1MDB.

DiCaprio said in October that it is under investigation, and gifts or donations are available if questionable sources are found.

“Mr DiCaprio said Thursday that he disclosed that these articles, which have been approved and approved by him, include the usual no auction to reach the foundation bearing his name.

Wall Street Wolf

He also received an Oscar originally won by Marlon Brando, Mr. DiCaprio said that you took the red granite to thank the ‘Wall Street Wolf’ work.

Founded in 1998, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation supports a variety of environmental projects.

On Thursday, the new presentation was moved to the US Department of Justice to work with Picasso and Basquiat, who said that red granite workers were bought by Malaysia and the DiCaprio money harvested.

DiCaprio as the two pictures and Diane Arbus, also mentioned in the DOJ record, had not returned his photographs.

On Thursday he is also trying to combat the effects of two red granite films produced by researchers financially funded by 1MDB funds – Comedy “Idol with the idiot” Jim Carrey comedy with idiot 2014 “House of the father” Will Ferrell.

Los Angeles-based Red Granite Pictures explains that on Thursday that “active discussions with the Department of Justice are in full cooperation to resolve this dispute.”

Carrey and Will Ferrell representatives did not immediately return comments

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