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The British minister said that cryptographic messaging services is unacceptable

Technology companies need to do more to cooperate with law enforcement agencies and to stop offering “a secret place for terrorists to communicate” by means of an encrypted message, British Home Secretary Amber Rudd said on Sunday.

Local media reported that British-born Khalid Masood sent coded message moments before killing four people last week hijacked cars and pedestrians fatally stab a police officer when he tried to enter parliament’s 82-second attack that caused terror in the heart of London,

You may have problems with taking technology companies – US authorities are trying to American technology companies to provide encryption method, discussions have intensified since mass arrests in San Bernardino.

But he said that “terrorists called time to use social media as their platform,” Rudd asked owners of encrypted help applications such as WhatsApp Facebook messages, refrain from trying to introduce new legislation.

Asked by his views on end-to-end business to provide an encrypted message, Rudd said: “It is totally unacceptable, there will be no cache for terrorists, we need to ensure that organizations like WhatsApp, and there are many others, is not to provide a place For terrorists to communicate in secret .. ”

“We need to ensure that intelligence services have the opportunity for such encrypted conditions as WhatsApp.”

According to Wired technology magazine, end-to-end encryption means that messages can be deciphered only by the recipient and anyone in the middle, including providing services to the company.

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Brian Paddick, a spokesman for internal affairs for the opposition Liberal Democrats and former deputy assistant commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, said that security forces may see “suspected terrorist messages encrypted.”

“The real question, could save lives in London last week, is end-to-end encryption illegal? All indications are that the answer is no.”

The attack on Wednesday in the expectation of privacy vs. debate rekindle on the secrets of Europe, especially when security authorities warned that Western countries have been increasingly pointed out as a Muslim country is losing ground in the Middle East.

Rudd took office as Interior Minister or the Minister as soon as the British voted to withdraw from the EU, said that the British case is different when asked about the opposition of Apple’s iPhone help FBI break one of the ampujat San Bernardino.

“This is something very different.We do not say open, do not want to go to the cloud, we do not want all kinds of things, how to do it,” he said.

“But we want them to realize that they have an obligation to make the government have the law enforcement authority when there is a terrorist state.”

He said he wanted to see established in the UK technology industry as a whole site for the better police and stop letting “the site, its platform, its cost companies to … be used by terrorists.”

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