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Britain and Europe signed a divorce agreement to reach Brexit for trade talks

Britain and the European Union signed a divorce treaty on Friday, paving the way for trade talks, easing pressure on Prime Minister Theresa May in and raising hopes of organizing Brexitille.

The European Commission has announced that “in London, Dublin and Belfast worked all night” due to proper progress in implementing a standoff at the Irish border, which it has been trying to close on Monday.

The president in Brussels said in May that the deal was justified for negotiations that would give Britain the future of the EU.

However, European Council President Donald Tusk warned that it would be difficult to build new relationships, but it would be more difficult to build new relationships.

A lot of time was spent on some of the easier tasks, “Tusk said. And now, in order to negotiate the transitional transition and structure for our future relationships, we are actually less than one year old. ”

The former pankkija said that the agreement meant that the government was on a journey much closer to Brexit’s relations with the EU than very fearful, indicating that trade would remain the largest retail group in the world and the sixth largest economic nation .

The Theresa May declaration

The Commission compiled its opinion following the Theresa May declaration and the start of a morning flight to Brussels to announce at a meeting with the Commission’s Presidential Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, at a press conference after the local period.

Sterling rose on Friday, with respect to the six-month highs in the EURGBP = D3, when the euro was 86.9 percent, and euro-zone bond yields rose early on Friday. Compared to the US dollar, GBP = D3 peaked near the four-day level against the broader dollar strength.

Negotiation and transition phase Transition The Brexit is important for the future of the May flight, which is questioned when it lost most of its party. For an immediate election in June.

Pro-Brexit-conservative producers came together after having a contract, a sign of the possibility that the party – which had been divided by generations of EU members – did not intend to discard it immediately.

British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, who led the Brexit campaign, congratulated in May, adding that the government would now return to its laws, money and borders.

Business Minister Michael Gove, another major Brexit campaign, called it “an important personal political achievement,” and influential conservative leader Sue Fernandes praised the “pragmatic and flexible” approach.


The Commission’s proposal that progress has been made will now be for the EU summit on 14 and 15 December.

“Prime May convinced me that he has the support of the UK government and I believe we have now achieved the success we need, and today’s results are naturally compromised,” Juncker told a news conference. .

Mei said he hoped the official agreement would be adopted at the summit.

I also look forward to the European Council meeting next week, which I hope and hope to receive 27 (Member States) approval for what matters to all member states of the treaty is difficult, “he said in May.

The Committee is currently initiating a 2nd stage discussion covering the transition period, trade and long-term relations in the bloc.

According to the guidelines, the transition period takes about two years. At that time, Britain will continue to be part of the customs union and internal market, but will no longer join the EU institutions or vote. It is still subject to EU legislation.

The most important parliamentary alliance in Northern Ireland gives cautious support to the new situation, four days after Belfast’s denunciations 11 undermine the attempt to reach agreement on the Irish border.

In the United Kingdom, it was agreed that if London and Brussels did not accept the latest Brexit agreement, the United Kingdom “has remained in line with the rules of the internal market and the customs union, which protects North and South cooperation in Ireland .

It is argued that without a trade agreement between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom, there will be no new obstacles unless the Northern Ireland decentralization government concludes that the individual agreement is appropriate.

“Under all circumstances, the UK will continue to have unlimited access to the Northern Ireland business throughout the UK domestic market,” he said. .

Ireland’s Foreign Minister Simon Coveney said the border agreement meant that Brexite could in no way lead to the fierce border between Ireland and Northern Ireland, which is the only border between the United Kingdom and EU after Brexit.

Great results for all Irish islands – no hard limits! “Coveney said on Twitter.

Not everyone agrees. “The Brussels agreement is good news for Mrs Mei, as we can now move on to the next level of humiliation,” said Breigit Master Nigel Farage on Twitter.

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