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Blackfish Tilikum died in Orlando

Killer whale killed three people inspired the movement for supporters to exit. He died in Orlando on Friday.

The largest, best known and most famous killer whale in captivity died at SeaWorld in Orlando on Friday after a long battle with the disease, including lung infections by resistant bacteria. The immediate cause of death is still unknown.

Seaworld blackfish announced that Tilikum, which was considered 36 years old, died early in the morning surrounded by trainers and veterinarians.

As co-author Tim Zimmermann blackfish tilikum recently wrote to National Geographic, “His life changed the way we see and SeaWorld marine industry and our moral calculus attached to abstinence and intelligent display, disseminated free species.”

Tilikum was captured off Iceland in 1983, when he was two years old. He spent his life in prison, with a lot of time in SeaWorld Orlando, where he was seen by tens of thousands.

Blackfish tilikum kill by trainer

24 February 2010 Tilikum dragged SeaWorld trainer Dawn Dawn in the pool and kill him. The tragic events that made news around the world, but many are not aware of the orca has been involved in two previous deaths. One is another coach in 1991, and one is an intruder in 1999.

But the coach is averse to Tilikum the whale labeled as monsters. On the other hand, they were beginning to question the whole of which it grew and showed the system.

“Instead of iconic killer whales pleased celebrated by SeaWorld, and fans for five decades, blackfish tilikum, demanding world confronted with the reality, the reality Shamu, which involves the separation of families, confinement, boredom, chronic illness, aggression between ocean orca park and aggression to the coach, “Zimmermann wrote.

At 22 feet long and 12,000 pounds, Tilikum has a joker, a number of predators entertainment for tourists. And transformation is not good. He experienced bullying by other whales and separate family pressure from captivity into the wild, according to his coach. And he had a demanding schedule of tests and performances.


Tilikum tragic life, but also make a difference in the world. Because of its history, the presence of whales in SeaWorld and the plan fell over the past few years, a protest was launched, musicians boycotted the gardens, and eventually the company announced that it would begin taking animal-based entertainment.

Entertainment orca show

SeaWorld San Diego will host entertainment orca end on Sunday, although the show will continue until 2019 in Texas and Florida.

After Sunday, the park San Diego company “will hold preliminary orca educational presentations in the pool, which is also used to see under water … while we remove the screen to move the existing theater and show specified in the stadium and replace them with natural world natural the light will reflect this orca “SeaWorld San Diego spokesman Dave Koontz told reporters.

SeaWorld stimulates together, California has forbidden the reproduction of killer whales in captivity in 2016th

When it announced the closure of shows, SeaWorld CEO Joel Manby said in a statement: “We are proud of the role by contributing to human understanding of these animals as public awareness of the killer whale is constantly changing, SeaWorld change with it. . ”

Tilikum, which has long been charged public ticket buys as another Shamu, can now be remembered in his own name.

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