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Arby bought Buffalo Wild Wings for $ 2.4 billion in restaurants

The fast food chain said on Tuesday it entered the store to buy Buffalo Wild Wings, which announced the slogan “wings, beer, sports”.

The Arby Restaurant Group pays $ 2.4 billion in cash and takes the Buffalo Wild Wings debt, which is low due to loss of ban on food and high costs of chicken wings.

Buffalo Wild Wings is one of America’s most famous and well-known entertainment and dining outlets,” said Paul Brown, Arbyn president, in a statement.

“We are very pleased to receive such a rich tradition, led by a very talented team and we thank the use of the two organizations of totally different power powers and the remodeling of various brands of ravintolatoimialoissa.”

Arby Roark Capital Group’s venture capitalist supports the deal.

Mick McGuir

Marcato Capital Management, an investing activist, Mick McGuir, who broke Buffalo Wild Wings’ strategy and demanded major changes, agreed to support the deal. Marathon’s criticism was at its peak in the big June survey when former CEO Sally Smith announced his retirement.

Buffalo Wild Wings Minneapolis has more than 1,250 seats in 10 countries. Arby has more than 3300 in seven countries.

The deal, which has been criticized for weeks, has required Arby to pay $ 157 per share for Buffalo Wild Wings.

Buffalo Wild Wings, a growing number of fans known as BDubs, jumped 6.7 percent before trading for $ 155.75 at 9:47 am on Tuesday.

Buffalo Wild Wings experienced a sharp increase in chicken costs, although UBS said the cost had fallen by 20 percent.

The company recently confirmed the foot traffic with the prices of puoliperäisten and benefited from the delivery of investments.

But the delicate food industry is suffering as Americans return to home-cooked meals with low food prices. Competition for casual competitors and higher labor costs is also harmful.

Arby has announced that they sell the other’s sandwich to the site for this year. Fast food chains will also leave staple sandwiches across the country after their success in 2016

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