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League of Legends brings news: Aphromoo says goodbye to CLG and replaces it with TSM Biofrostilla

Football training still produces unexpected stages and the entire team has begun to form.

Longzhu Games recently announced the signing of Han LCK’s largest transfer of SKT’s ‘Peanut’ Wang Hao news.

And now, both teams from LCS US: LCS and NA to finalize their programming. With paper, some of these teams look great! In particular, the CLG seems to be very strong despite the fact that they have lost the ‘Aphromoo’ Black Zaqueri.


Another complete option for the EU LCS 2018 station has been reported in full. Schalke found his choice at a very early stage, and now it seems that Splyce follows his example.

Splyce has published additional options for Kaspersky Kobbeup, Kaspers Kobbe, ADC, which only confirms the voter.

And now it has been reported that he and Andrei ‘Odoamne’ Andrei Pascu ‘Xerxe’ Dragomir, Yasin ‘Nisqy’ Dincer and Raymond Kasing ‘Tsang are.

At the beginning of Splyce, Chres ‘Sencux’ Laursen and Mihael ‘Mikyx’ Mehle confirmed Misfits, Martin ‘Wunder’ Hansen can join the G2 and Jonas “Andersen will reject Cloud9’s offer due to unpleasant behavior over the contract period .

We can join Trashy with his G2 teammates because LCS US lords still need a jungler. However, he has a strong rivalry of Marcank Jankos Jankowsk, who is also looking for new troops.

It is said that vitality has a lot of money and super troops, but has not yet informed who will be signed.

After the LCS

NA LCS experienced many moves and schedules last week as four new teams participated in the attack as part of a franchise move.

Many teams have completed the list, including TSM and Liquids, which are very powerful. CLG also seems to compete in the title.

The CLG confirmed that Aphromoo left the team after a stay of five years with them. It is not yet known what support will be made then only the NA LCS team where he can become a member is Clutch of the Game, otherwise he can focus full time on a contraction.

The damage was replaced by Vincent ‘Biofrost’ Wang, who was associated with the Solomid Arch Archives Team. CLG is famous for his smokes smoking Yilliang Double Lift “Peng and Aphromoo, but now his kids are wondering the ‘Biofrost’ and Trevor ‘Stixxay’ Hayes together to win their teacher.

CLG is Kim Reignover Yeu-Jin, who was previously the highest paid player in the history of the LCS. The Korean guard arrived at the semifinals of the world at Fnatic and was a force to consider when it came to his passport.

Elsewhere, Cloud9 is struggling to schedule. They confirmed the departure of Jung ‘Impact’ Eon-yeong and Juan ‘Contractz’ Garcia. The Impact announced its involvement with net teams, while Contractz moved to the Gold Keepers

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