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Amtrak trains run on Washington highway, some are dead

On Monday, they knocked down the Amtrak passenger train with several cars on an intersection of Interstate 5 and different people trained Pierce County, Washington were killed by a spokesman for the sheriff’s office in Pierce County.

Several drivers trapped in the train were injured, but the vehicle in the man was not dead, the sheriff’s office said.
The dead “are all in the car,” said Ed Troyer, a spokesman for the sheriff’s spokesman in Pierce County. “It’s very good”.

Troyer said there were “a few deaths” but they could not give the right amount.
He said the train hit several cars and trucks, as at least one car was on the highway and some injured could get off the train and hold on.
All of the roads south east are closed due to emergency and stupid drivers are on their way to work. The case occurred at 7:45 pm in the DuPont area between Tacoma and Olympia.

“I was on my way to I-5 this morning and all of a sudden we stopped,” Greg Mukai told CNN by telephone. “We all tried to stop quickly and we did not come together to be honest.When standing still unfortunately I can see and see scary … this train is a suspension bridge.Many members of the army and people rushed to try to make the best of what they can” .

Current Events:
“Several deaths were reported on the train,” said Pierce County Sheriff’s representative
– The injuries were reported to drivers on the road whose vehicles struck a train dropped train, Pierce County said

We went to the corner and had to happen … no more cops. From the train to train one and the other across the road. There’s a car smashed down. On the way, we have a fire and an ambulance fire. ”
Amtrak said he was aware of the 501 train ride from Seattle to Portland, Oregon.
According to the online schedule, the 501 Train-Amtrak Cascades train, which they “connect 18 cities along I-5 corridors such as Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, BC and Eugene, Oregon.”
Amtrak service in south Seattle is temporarily suspended. The Seattle starting point for the north and east points continues, Amtrak said.
The National Road Safety Board records information about the accident at the Amtrak passenger brigade near Seattle, near Washington.

Governor of Washington Jay tweet Inslee: “Thanks to the first team, we all pray on the train and we ask everyone to remind them …

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