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Alabama Senate Race: It’s Trump Vs. Trumpland

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Trump vs Trumpland.

The political muscle of presidential president Donald Trump to get a Republican run after the elections in Alabama, which is dynamically uncomfortable: he stirred the founder of the first branch loved by the most passionate fans, including former chief Steve Bannonin.

Promoting personal loyalty and feeling that this race is competitive, Trump left Friday in Alabama, Huntsville, to create a campaign for Sen. Luther Strange, who was appointed in February to fill the seat that was opened when Jeff Sessions was a prosecutor. The winner next Tuesday is a Republican Party candidate in the December election so they can complete another session that will end in January 2021.

Strange was locked in stringy races by former Alabama umpire Roy Moore, a lawyer known to have held top-ten-inch high-ranking prizes and gay gays. Super Political Action Committee tied to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, strangely, millions of dollars were thrown in races because Republican Senaatse fears that Moore is a disturbing figure in the room or go beyond Democrat Doug Jones.

Strange Moore leads the first round of the GOP vote, but it is not enough to avoid the final decision, which can wait for the preliminary test of how the Trump floats have their political base. Both Strange and Moore emphasized their support for a popular president in the deep red state.

Weird and Moore exchanged injections in a debate on a strange Thursday insisting that “the president supported me,” and Moore said that McConnell and “Washington’s elite establishment” were trying to undermine the competition.

GOP leaders are concerned about the strange disorder that is said to be presidential politics in the middle of the election year and their opportunity to advance their agenda in Congress.

McConnell recently spoke with Trump and assured him that Strange was more competitive than the last survey, according to the knowledge of the call denying his identity to discuss it.

Trump, who last month confirmed Mrs. Aneh, Wednesday spat. “Senator Luther Fiction is a bigger search because I got it about a month ago, now it’s good, it’s a big D.C.

Challenger Moore, who runs an anti-Washington platform, is a back-up to former chief strategist Trump Bannon and his conservative website Breitbart and the Great America Alliance that support Trump fans.

Moore at a Thursday night meeting at the historic railroad station on the banks of the Alabama River has a trumpet, including former Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin and former White House Sebastian Gorka

Palin insists he will support the president, but says Moore is a better match for Trumps.

“Judge Moore does not condemn the president, it is the vote on the people’s agenda to vote for the president,” Palin told reporters.

Trump’s visit comes after the GOP incentives. After meeting at the White House last week, he asked Senator Bob Corker, Tennessee, who had a strange opportunity and Corker said that Trump needed on the way, saying that someone felt the meeting, that he had no right to speak in public . Trump comes when the GOP Ward Baker road phone, which has allies of Corker and McConnell working on the Senate Leadership Fund, to speak through the campaign, according to another person who does not want to know how to reveal personal conversations.

The Washington Post mentioned for the first time the participation of Corker.

Trump’s allies emphasize that the president has also motivated his loyalty and commitment to his agenda.

The best pitcher

Steven Law, acting as the Senate Leadership Fund for more than $ 9 million to spend stranger in the Senate, said: “The best pitcher that Luther Strange could have been Donald Trump a few days ago.”

Trump shows that another factor brought the ideology when he refuses to keep Senate candidates strange, according to the campaign tone of 2016.

Between 2010 and 2012, the GOP has catastrophic several Senate committees for extreme prospective winners, and then winners can win. Democrats may lose the election. Since then, McConnell has decided not to let that happen again – and in any case he succeeded.

But pro-Moore forces showed no signs of withdrawal. Its conservative supporters are Fox News Sean Hannity and the former Arkansas government. Mike Huckabee. Andy Surabian, senior adviser to the American League, emphasized that Moore’s efforts were not in Trump.

“We all support the president and this is not going to change,” Surabian said. But he adds: “What is the race for the candidate to change? It enriches the movement.”

Moore insisted the competition could send a message.

“What’s happening in Alabama is seen in Congress and in the Senate government,” Moore said over the weekend. “They know what’s going on in Alabama and Mitch McConnell knows what’s going on in Alabama knowing that it will affect other future senators by 2018 in other states.”

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