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Actress Allison Mack has been arrested in sex trafficking case

Allison Mack, actress “Smallville” associated with alleged cult leader Keith Raniere, was arrested according to court sources.

Details of the arrest were not immediately clear.

Brooklyn federal prosecutors accused Ranier of trafficking in human beings.

Raniere recruits women

Ranier’s lawyers say he’s innocent.

Prosecutors say Raniere recruits women into her secret company called “Promise”. The victims were then included in the mentor group, which instead was converted into slaves.

Some of his brainwashes were in fact marked by initials Raniere who were commissioned.

The whole thing acted as blackmailing conspiracies, women had to follow his instructions after revealing “very harmful information about himself or about family members.”

Raniere threatened to use information against women unless they co-operated with the self-service principles of their bizarre society.

Raniere, 57, who lived outside of Albany, received funding for her twisted operation from Clare Bronfman, an heir to Seagrama liqueurs, according to authorities. He was jailed until April 27, the deposit.

He was arrested on March 25 in Mexico and returned to the United States for prosecution.

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