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Austin bombing suspect from Texas was identified

An unemployed 23-year-old man, suspected of a three-week bomber campaign in Texas, who killed two people and injured five more than threw himself on the side of the highway, found local media on Wednesday

The suspect was identified as Mark Anthony Conditt of Pflugerville, Texas, according to CBS’s local TV partner and Austin American-Statesman, who cited unnamed sources of law enforcement. We are unable to immediately confirm the identity of the suspect.

Public records showed the age of Conditta as 23. Officials said the suspect was 24 years old.

Austin Police Chief

The police watched the suspect at a hotel about 20 miles north of Austin, state capital, and followed his vehicle as he pulled out to the side of the road and detonated the equipment and killed himself, Austin Police Chief Brian Manley told reporters near the scene.

The suspect is deceased and suffers considerable damage from the explosion that occurred during the detonation of a bomb inside his vehicle, “Manley told reporters, refusing to further identify the suspect, except that he was white.

Investigators watched him a few days before closing in an unknown hotel in Round Rock, Texas, not because of his home in Pflugerville, Governor Greg Abbott said on Wednesday at Fox News.

“We know for a few days who the suspect is,” Abbott said. “We are executing law enforcement at his home in Pflugerville, where we learn if it was a place to make bombs.”

The governor added that he suspected that the suspect lived with two room mates who are not currently considered suspicious, Abbott said. The suspect was not a military veteran, Abbott said.

Texas law enforcement officials blocked the street where the suspect lived, not far from where the first bomb broke out on March 2 and killed one person.

42-year-old network engineer Jay Schulze said on Wednesday he lives several homes from a suspect in a bomb attack and that the suspect and his friends will be late at night.

“They would be back playing the music and the party late,” Schulze said.

During the jogging Tuesday night, Schulze noticed a heavy police presence in the area, flying overhead. He said he was briefly stopped by the person he considered an FBI agent.

Manley said the suspect was believed to be responsible for the six bombs around Austin, but everyone but one detonated. He said the motivation for bombings or whether the suspect had been helped has not been known yet.

Manley warned residents to be cautious because it was unclear whether other bombs remained in the city.

Bombing killed two people and injured at least five others who destroyed Austin residents, about 1 million people. The first bombings occurred when the city hosted an annual South By Southwest music, film and technology festival.

While the officers waited for reinforcement before they were arrested, the suspect left the hotel and the police followed.

US President Donald Trump

The suspect pulled the city’s main highway, and two Austin policemen approached the vehicle when he switched off the device. One officer fired on the vehicle and the other suffered minor injuries when the bomb disappeared, Manley said.

US President Donald Trump congratulated the authorities on Twitter: “Great work by law enforcement and all stakeholders!”

The first three facilities were parcel bombs released in front of homes in Austin. The fourth started Sunday night, apparently exploded with a cruise wire also around Austin and the fifth exploded inside the FedEx Corp (FDX.N) near San Antonio on Tuesday.

Bombing has alarmed the authorities, which on Sunday publicly called on the bomber to join them and explain why he was attacking.

The first two bombs killed the blacks, which raised fears that they were part of a hate crime, but the investigators said the blasts that came later and were more random made them less likely.

Manley said the investigators had no clear idea of ​​what prompted the suspect to carry out the bombing, and said: “We do not understand what motivated him to do what he did.”

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