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2 policemen shot in northern Idaho

Two Sandpoint police commanders were taken to the hospital early on Monday when they were fired during the Ridley Village call.

On Monday morning, Sandpoint City announced on Facebook that authorities were called at 3.10 pm at Ridley Village Residence. When they were there, they contacted the half-reported party, and when they talked to the reporting group, the suspect got up and started firing the officers. Both promoters hit. An officer is taken to the Kootenai Medical Center and is in operation.

Another employee was taken to Bonner General Hospital.

The suspect dies

Forrest Bird Charter School is closed today. Sandpoint Secondary and Secondary Schools Open, But School Started Blocking Procedures

The source has just confirmed that two law enforcement agencies in Bonner County have been dismissed and are in operation. The current status of law enforcement agencies is unknown, but we strive to strengthen information. Bonner County Commissioner and McDonald’s have posted on Facebook that employees “do good”.

The Bonner County Sheriff’s Office is still a meeting place in the Ridley Village area and urges residents to stay in their homes.

No word is suspected of being arrested.

Due to police operations, Forrest M. Bird Charter School will be closed on Monday.

This is a development report. We have a group on the road and we update this story as soon as other details are confirmed.

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The office of the Bonner County Sheriff’s Office asks Ridley Village residents to stay home for “law enforcement”.

The details are very limited, but the sheriff’s office issued a reminder that “All Ridley residents – Sandpoint residents, live at home because there is a heavy policy in the area.” Thank you for your understanding.

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